Worlds First Hybrid Bike Launched in Bangalore

Monday 21 December 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Eko Vehicles from Bangalore have launched world’s first hybrid bike with two variants viz., Strike and ET, that have been developed in collaboration with US and UK based companies. These hybrid models run on battery as well as gasoline that makes them deliver double mileage per liter of petrol. "We developed a hybrid technology which will allow the electric motor together with the gasoline motor or petrol motor to be in combination. So, they should get unlimited range. So, when you drive in gasoline, you are charging the motor," said Alan Rubinstein, a U.S collaborator.

Moreover the models also halve the carbon emissions thus making them more eco-friendly. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 65kmph which is more than sufficient for crowded metros. The ET-120 uses a 70cc petrol engine and an electric motor to propel the wheels, which helps it return 120kmpl! That is more than any Hero Honda, Bajaj or TVS. The power and torque figures are that of a 120cc petrol engine, said the company statement.

The ET-120 is priced at 40,000 rupees that makes it the best electric vehicle you can buy in India today. The bike goes on sale next year in May 2010.

The Eko Strike is even more attractively priced. “Eko-Strike breaks price and service barrier: By offering the most economic, reliable and rugged Electric two-wheeler to the Indian market at the unbelievable price of under Rs. 22,000. This vehicle does not attract road tax and does not need to be registered. This model vehicle is to EV what DELL is to Computers: the customer can specify the battery capacity as per his daily commute requirements. Eko’s quality products are offered with a five-year warranty, which is a first in the industry, demonstrating that quality is not sacrificed even at the incredible pricing,” said company’s official press release.

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