What's new in fourth-generation Honda City

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Ever since it was unveiled, the next-generation Honda City has attracted tremendous attention from everyone, be it automobile experts, media or customers. Some have already decided the fate of this car, calling it as the next big thing in the Indian car market. Now, customers and lovers of this sedan are eagerly awaiting the launch of the next-generation model. Yes indeed, the newly introduced model played big to finally churn out a growing consciousness of anxious and seduced feelings. Surely, one would have initially thought that the year was full to brim with no new vehicle-marvel to come by; all such thoughts were blown away by the all-new Honda City.

What's new in fourth-generation Honda City

To follow, by the time the unveiling was finally concluded on 25th November 2013, there were cheers on faces of car aficionados across the country. Such initial accomplishments of the unveiled all-new Honda City in India are worthy of applauses. The unveiling also saw the entry of 4th generation Honda City in the country. Certainly, a remarkable feat and thus, it will be quite interesting to find out what's new in the all-new 4th Generation Honda City as compared to its previous generation.

At the unveiling ceremony, the auto company revealed that the all-new City will be launched in both, diesel and petrol options. The launch of 4th generation Honda City will pace-up in January 2014. Notably, the idea of starting with a diesel City was to highlight the fact that answers the initial question 'what's new in the all-new 4th Generation Honda City as compared to its previous generation'. Yes, to a fair extent, introduction of the diesel engine option in Honda City in not only the prime highlight of the unveiling ceremony, but it also marked a demarcation point from the previous generation that lacked a diesel option. But, there is more to the story than what eyes meet with here.

Before digging further, let's check out what company's top bosses think about the new model. In a statement, Managing Officer, Honda Motor Company and Representative of Development, Purchasing and Production in Asia and Oceania Region, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto was earlier quoted as saying, “Honda City is currently sold in 55 countries across the world. City is the leading brand of Honda in Asia and Oceania region and with the 4th generation Honda City, we aim to raise its popularity further and make it a significant future model in Honda’s global portfolio which will be available in many more countries.”

Hironori Kanayama, President and Chief Executive Officer, Honda Cars India Ltd., while informing about the role and importance of Honda City for the auto company's business, also reportedly said, “With the unveiling of the all new City, we enter a new era of Honda’s dominance in premium cars. City brand has been the face of Honda in India, enjoying strong leadership and popularity in its segment ever since its launch. India has been the focus market for Honda City, thus it was befitting to have the global unveiling of the All New Honda City in India. There has been very high anticipation amongst the Honda loyalists who have been eagerly waiting for the 4th Generation City and introduction of Diesel in the model. We are sure that the car will further strengthen the bond with our esteemed customers.”

Having just checked what Honda's top bosses had said about the all-new Honda City, it is the right time to march ahead with other highlights of this recently introduced sedan. First of all, it should be noted that all-new Honda City development took into account results of extensive market surveys that were conducted in India, ASEAN countries and other markets. The idea was to bring up something that would confirm to a locally optimized design in order to build a vehicle with distinct performance-oriented features. The development of all-new Honda City took into account three main parameters namely Best Comfort, Best Fuel Efficiency and Advanced Sporty Design.

The 4th generation City expresses auto company's new design concept 'Exciting H Design'. In term of company's own words, “This design boasts of a Solid Wing Face, Well Toned Athlete Form body and Finely Honed Surfacing on the exterior.” When scaled on the fact sheet, the all-new City does creates a unique impression that refreshes stylising taste and brings about a sporty character. This all-new sedan also boasts of maximum comfort for driver and passengers. More interior space as a result of the acclaimed Honda concept 'man maximum machine minimum' will ensure superior experience while driving. As a matter of fact, the all-new Honda City is 1495 mm in height that is 10 mm more than the previous generation. The wheelbase is 2600 mm, an increase of 50 mm over the outgoing City.

After going through highlights about the recently unveiled 4th generation City, one can easily find that there still remains something, which is inadequately discussed so far. In the same context, diesel version was mentioned in the beginning. Interestingly, the all-new version of Honda City will get a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder DOHC i-DTEC diesel engine that has been tweaked to provide a better performance in Indian conditions. The main highlight of this engine is that it is based on the auto company's 'Earth Dreams Technology'. The incorporation of this latest technology has ensured that the all-new diesel City will not only offer excellent driving performance, but also best-in-class fuel economy. Just like diesel engine, the petrol engine too has been refined to yield a better performance. The diesel version of the new Honda City will be able to provide a mileage of up to 26 kmpl while petrol variant will give 18 kmpl.

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