Toyota and BMW come together to work upon EV batteries

Thursday 01 December 2011, 12:49 PM by

It has been reported that the two giants car makers, BMW and Toyota are mulling upon coming together to set the ball rolling for the research process, directed towards lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. The news was confirmed by a source closely associated with the development.

The reports have come out on the heels of another partnership plan, on “green” vehicles, speculated between BMW and Toyota, wherein the former is expected to provide diesel engines to the latter. Sources said that the two car makers would probably make an official announcement regarding the cooperation at a joint press conference on 1st December, in Tokyo.

Toyota and BMW come together to work upon EV batteries  |
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It is important to note that neither of the two companies commented, in any form, on the development. At present, Toyota has inked deals with Tesla and Ford for the development of hybrid trucks. According to the sources at Toyota, BMW can irrefutably be considered as an apt choice for the company, with corporate cultures that can blend with ease and perfection.

The joint venture between Toyota and BMW will aid both the car manufacturers to seek ways of making lighter and frugal lithium-ion batteries, and develop electric cars that are feasible in terms of cost. Nissan Motor Company, Renault and Daimler, which are close competitors of Toyota and BMW, have already started functioning in collaboration.

They are sharing engines and various coveted technologies, in order to curtail the research and development costs. As a matter of fact, the production costs have been escalating in the recent times because abiding with stricter environmental regulations is a necessity.

Toyota has stated that some time back, it was ready to share its hybrid technology with competitors, and moreover mulls upon supplying Mazda Motor Corporation at present.

Thus, BMW and Toyota are gradually heading towards making the electric-car segment more reliable and popular, with the setbacks being sifted vigorously.

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