The fascinating Fisker Karma

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Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid electric luxury sedan, is being acclaimed as the world’s most interesting car. The fascinating car is manufactured by Fisker of Orange County, California and costs over $100,000. This luxury sedan boasts of 52 mpg-e fuel economy, combined, with 32 miles all-electric range; as per the metric for plug-in hybrid EVs of EPA.

Remarkably different from other cars, Fisker Karma attracts onlookers with its clarity and design. This high performance car with low impact on environment, can easily switch from the all-electric Stealth Mode to fuel assisted Sport Mode with simple shift of the left-hand paddle behind the steering wheel.

The fascinating Fisker Karma |
Fisker Karma The World's Most Interesting Car

As a part of the advanced-vehicle-technology loan program of the Department of Energy, the company borrowed around $169 million from taxpayers. However, the production of the world’s most interesting car is not dependent on the Department of Energy loans, informed Henrik Fisker. The company delivered several units of luxury sedan in late 2011, with the assistance of 46 U.S. dealership network. Fisker has already manufactured around 1500 units of Karma and is struggling to meet the rising orders.

Dimensionally, the sedan is 196.8 inches long (similar to 7-series BMW), 78.1 inches wide and 52.4 inches high (similar to Porsche 911). Having 124 inches wheelbase, Karma boasts of largest wheels and tyres ever used for any production luxury car, which is 22 inches. The large wheels of the car facilitate crisp turn-in and better lateral grip. The four-seat coupe-like sedan also has the largest seamless solar glass roof used for any production luxury car. It is equipped with straight SLA independent with coilovers, instead of adaptive magnetic suspension system.

The sedan has a diamond motif, curving shoulder line and rising front fender line. The unique gearshift of the sedan comprises symmetrically reflecting dihedral group of acrylic switches. The doors and console have completely recycled Lucite panels, embedded with magnolia leaves. Another interesting featured of Karma is the loudspeakers masked in the front and rear bumpers that emit ‘Tron’ sound. These loudspeakers make ghostly electronic thrum, which alerts everyone about its presence.

The luxury sedan is equipped with longitudinally mounted turbocharged 2.0-liter, 260-horsepower four-cylinder engine. Other technical highlights of the car are the 20 kWh/180 kW/330V lithium iron phosphate battery pack and liquid-cooled rear differential with limited-slip. It also has dual 201 hp (150 kW) traction motors, single-gear transmission and 34,000 Nm/degree of torsional stiffness.

The sedan can generate maximum power of 403 hp and deliver peak torque of 959 pound-feet. The 2012 Fisker Karma, which can attain a top speed of 125 mph, can reach 60 mph speed from naught in mere 6.3 seconds, in sport. In an all-electric stealth mode, the car can reach 60 mph speed from naught in 7.9 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 95 mph. Karma weighs 5,300 pounds and has 6.9 cubic feet cargo capacity. All these features along with its sleek design make Fisker Karma an interesting luxury sedan, boasting of high fuel economy.

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