Tata Motors to provide 800 cc engine in its Nano Diesel

Saturday 02 June 2012, 00:53 AM by

Tata Motors, the eighth largest motor vehicle maker of the world, has started the testing process of the diesel version of Tata Nano. It is anticipated that the company will introduce this car in the Indian auto market by the end of this fiscal. However, the company has not made any official declaration regarding the specifications of its 2013 Nano diesel.

Tata Motors to provide 800 cc engine in its Nano Diesel | CarTrade.com
Tata Nano

The diesel version of Tata Nano will hold a Honeywell turbocharging engine, which will be considered as the smallest CRDi engine of the world. Official website of Honeywell has mentioned that the Nano diesel will be assimilated with a 0.8 litre engine, having a displacement of 800 cc. However, there were rumours in the past that the 2013 Nano Diesel will either hold a small engine of 600 cc or a big engine of up to 1000 cc.

Moving ahead with the latest updates, the turbo-charged diesel 800 cc engine of Tata Nano Diesel will be incorporated with twin cylinders. The maximum power churned out by the engine of this car will be around 35 bhp, while the peak torque will be around 70 Nm. In order to ameliorate the performance of this compact engine, the company has mated the engine to 5-speed manual transmission system, which allows easy and smooth gear shifts. Although the engine of this car has decent output, it does not lag on the grounds of fuel economy as Nano Diesel covers a distance of around 40 kmpl. The mileage delivered by this engine is unmatched when evaluated with other cars of the same segment.

Apart from alterations in the engine of Tata Nano, the diesel version will also feature an advanced suspension system with upgraded bearings. Hydraulically operated tailgate will be a new addition that will release some extra boot space over the engine cover. Exterior of the new version will have revamped bumpers in the front as well as rear portion for providing an improved cooling system to the diesel power-train.

As far as petrol variant of Tata’s iconic car is concerned, the company has not recorded targeted sales figure. The production facility of Tata Motors is presently operating on half of its capacity and thus the company is approaching to surge its sales by offering new models in the market. In the terms of price, it is anticipated that the 2013 Nano Diesel will be placed higher by a minimum of Rs. 40,000 than its petrol version. Along with the diesel version, the company has also lined-up the launch Nano CNG before the end of this year.

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