Rolls Royce to venture in the SUV market on popular customer demand

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Renowned automobile manufacturer, Rolls Royce has confirmed that the company will bring forth a SUV to production to battle the Bentley Bentayga. Peter Schwarzenbauer, the Chairman and Torsten Muller-Oetvoes, the CEO has stated, “we will take our time in developing and perfecting this new concept in luxury.” A particular launch date has not yet been declared, though there are chances that the car will hit the markets in 2017. The car might be released to the world after the new Wraith Drophead and just before the Phantom, flagship.

It has been said that the current decision is a “seminal moment in Rolls-Royce’s 111-year journey” and has described the new car as “A high-bodied car, with an all-new aluminium architecture.” Referring it as “a car that offers the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle that can cross any terrain”, it was also said that the new model is “A car that appropriately reflects Rolls-Royce’s brand promise of effortless luxury.”

Rolls Royce to venture in the SUV market on popular customer demand |
Rolls Royce to venture in the SUV market on popular customer demand

Rolls Royce has claimed that the primary driving force behind this decision is the customer demand as well as the urge to go for an innovation. Mueller-Oetvoes said, “You need to move the brand from time to time, you need to go with the flow. We might even see in a few years that the classical sedan segments are shrinking due to the fact that SUV type vehicles are growing. So if you don’t change your product portfolio to something that is up to date, then at some point in time you might even die.”

There is reference to the success of Charles Rolls as well as Sir Henry Royce’s success in rigorous “rigorous overland adventures such as the Scottish Reliability Trials, the London to Edinburgh event and the Alpine Trials.” This also suggested that the idea of SUVs was not new to the brand. Mueller-Oetvoes said, “This segment is interesting because it allows transport for your family; even the dog can accompany you. It is a car for all occasions; you can pull up at the opera house or in the yacht harbour, and there’s clearly a demand coming from the market.”

Definitely, this move will not harm the brand, which is characterised for its luxury SUV models and does not ever compromise with comfort. The company will put an effort to make an impact in the new segment while holding its position in its existing segment as well.

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