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        Mercedes To Launch Greener Cars

        Satish Kalepu

        Satish Kalepu

        Mercedes is planning to launch more fuel efficient cars that also deliver better efficiency and performance. The company intends to sells cars with a coefficient of drag less than .20 in next five years. It has recently launched an E-class coupe which has been already acclaimed as the world’s most aerodynamic car with a Cd figure of just .20. It goes on sale this June.

        This coefficient of drag or Cd basically refers to the quantity of drag or resistance an object poses to its environment which can be air or water. In case of aerodynamic models, the environment is air and lower drag indicates that the object or the automobile will have less aerodynamic drag. This coefficient is determined on complex combination of shape, inclination and flow conditions. It does not necessarily depend upon the size of the vehicle.

        Auto makers around the world are now again forced to take aerodynamics in to consideration owing to the pressure to build greener and more efficient cars. The project manager for the car, Rainer Tiefenbacher said “There is still plenty more to come as we explore ways of improving fuel efficiency. Designers are still learning about what works aerodynamically and are having to consider it more and more when they think about how a car will look.”

        “There are big steps to be made, especially around and under the engine hood. Twenty years ago we celebrated a 0.30 Cd, in five years we will reach the next big step.” he added.

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