Major discounts on 2015 models from Honda

Major discounts on 2015 models from Honda New Honda City
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Tuesday 20 December 2016, 13:32 PM

It is the end of the year and Honda is offering major discounts across the range. The catch is that a majority of these offers are 2015 model year cars. It seems surprising that Honda has taken such a move when you consider the fact that even the latest of models is now 12 months old. However, it has also listed offers for 2016 models of all car mentioned below.

Major discounts from Honda

These offers are valid till December 31. Listed on its official website are offers for the Jazz, City, Mobilio, Amaze pre-facelift Brio and even the BR-V which was launched earlier this year. The offers are on both petrol and diesel model. We awaiting a comment from Honda for the same.

Honda City
The 2015 Honda City petrol models as well as 2016 petrol models are being offered with Rs 1 lakh benefits on standard variants. The 2015 optional variants get Rs 1.2 lakh off while the 2016 optional models can be had with an Rs 10,000 discount. It is a similar deal with the diesel variant where the discount is one lakh. The automaker is also offering its Honda Assure insurance package at Rs 1 for the diesel range as well as the 2016 petrol models.
Honda Jazz
Re-launched in India in mid-2015, the Jazz arrived on the back of Honda’s strong diesel engine. However, things took a funny turn when the market gravitated towards petrol models hitting the sales of the Jazz. The Japanese automaker is offering Rs 60,000 benefits on all petrol models while the 2016 units get 50 per cent off on the Honda Assure insurance package.
In the diesel lineup, the E, S MT and VX MT get Rs 75,000 off while the SV and V diesel get Rs 90,000 off. In addition to the Rs 1 for Assure package, the 2016 diesel can also be had with an Rs 20,000 exchange benefit.
Honda Mobilio
The Honda Mobilio is being offered with a Rs 1.2 lakh discount for the 2015 model year petrol cars while the diesels can be had with a whopping Rs 2 lakh discount on the 2015 models and Rs 1 lakh on the 2016 cars.
Honda Amaze
Honda’s compact sedan got a major update earlier this year and the discounts are running both on the facelifted and pre facelift models. In the case of the latter, there are benefits of up to Rs 1.3 lakh while the 2016 models are running with benefits worth Rs 60,000.
Honda CR-V
The Japanese automaker’s flagship SUV is running with benefits worth Rs 1.7 lakh on the 2015 models and Rs 1 lakh on the 2016 models.
Honda Brio
Honda’s first hatchback is now being offered with discounts worth Rs 1.2 lakh on the 2015 model year cars and Rs 35,000 on the 2016 model year vehicles.
Honda BR-V
There are exchange bonuses on all models except the base level E variant. Honda is also offering accessories worth Rs 36000 on all models except the base E variant. Also included is the Rs 1 down payment for the Honda Assure insurance package.

Edit: We have got confirmation from Honda that the move to advertise 2015 model year cars was to clear excess stocks in possesions with its dealers.

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