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      Mahindra e2o Plus variants explained in detail

      Ninad Ambre

      Ninad Ambre

      Mahindra has introduced their new fully-electric e2o Plus for the Indian market recently. This is the carmaker's fourth EV offering and is available in four variants - P2, P4, P6 and P8. Apart from the P2 trim which is for the commercial market, we have explained the other three variants in detail to give you an idea of which variant you should be opting for. Take a look. 

      Mahindra e2o Plus variants explained

      Base P4 trim priced at Rs 5.46 lakh - As mentioned earlier, this is the most affordable version you can buy. But the good part is, this base version still gets many features including air-conditioner, power windows, remote lock with keyless entry and remote hatch actuation. The instrument console and charging sockets are standard across all variants. However, this trim misses out on the infotainment system, so you don't get the reverse camera as well. The OVRMs are black coloured and the car gets wheel caps hinting at the only cosmetic differences.

      Premium P6 trim priced at Rs 5.95 lakh - This is the more premium version of the e2o Plus. So over and above the features from the P4, you get some additional equipment. For example, there is an infotainment system that supports navigation through a SD card. This system also comes paired to a reversing camera. Well, under the e2o Plus’ hood is only a spare tyre, but this version does get a lamp inside. The cabin gets a cubic printing on the centre stack which is missing in the P4. The seats are covered in fabric as against the P4's vinyl covers.

      Top-end P8 trim priced at Rs 8.46 lakh - The P8 is the top-end version of the all-electric hatchback. So it is quite obvious that it gets all the bells and whistles. However, the major difference is in the motor powering the car. Like the other variants this one also gets the three-phase AC induction motor, but with a P2 Long Core and so has a bigger power output of 30kW @ 3,500rpm and 91Nm @ 2,000rpm. In the other siblings, this motor is rated at 19kW @ 3,500rpm and 70Nm @ 1,000rpm. The P8 gets the same but heavier lithium ion 210Ah battery, with 23 modules and 69 cells as against the 16 and 48 in the others. So the P8 has a larger driving range of 140km as compared to the others' 110km range. Still the car's weight has gone up and the battery takes more time to charge as well. So there is a quick charging socket in addition to the regular one.

      The P8 variant is definitely the more powerful variant with bigger range. But if around 100km of driving range is okay with you and you don't mind waiting for a little longer to charge your car, the P6 makes for a practical option. You get most of the features and more importantly you save more than Rs 2.5 lakh over the e2o Plus P8.

      Mahindra e2o Plus variants explained
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