Is Ford EcoSport the best budget car for a road trip?

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Tired with loads of work and gazing at the exotic location wallpaper on your computer makes you think about doing a road trip. It all begins with getting together people for it and organizing convenient dates which keep shifting unless someone takes charge. Once the list of attendees is finalized and the location is decided, it’s time to chalk out the route plan along with a detailed itinerary.

Is Ford EcoSport the best budget car for a road trip? |
Ford EcoSport

On a road trip, the most important aspect is the vehicle chosen. This vehicle has to be primarily comfortable, should be cost effective and should not be a liability in case of a breakdown. If the number of passengers are on the higher side, then it makes sense to get an SUV for this trip. An SUV not only guarantees spacious interiors but also is a more practical vehicle over a sedan or a hatchback since the roads on long journeys are very unpredictable.

The Ford EcoSport which is a compact SUV seems to have the answers to all these needs. To begin with, it comes at a price which is normally that of a hatchback or sedan. It is dimensionally wider than the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20. The EcoSport also promises 20 unique stowage spaces spread all along the cabin. This essentially means that the parking tickets, highway toll receipts, the lemonade bottle and almost everything miscellaneous can be taken care of.

Ford EcoSport

Long journeys can get boring and gloomy unless you have some music playing. The EcoSport with its SYNC technology seems to be very smart at this. It can understand voice controls and can select the desired artist. The steering wheel too gets audio controls. Overall the gizmo gadgetry of the EcoSport keeps the driver engaged and gives a feel good factor.

The 1.5L TDCi intercooled turbocharged diesel engine produces a peak power of 91PS at 3750 rpm and a torque of 204Nm between 2000 to 2750 rpm. The tall ground clearance of 200mm is fantastic for Indian road conditions so the moon craters won’t be felt much. It has an approach angle of 25 degrees and a departure angle of 35 degrees. The EcoSport also claims to have an ability to wade through 550mms of water.

So on paper the Ford EcoSport indeed scores more over its hatchback and sedan competitors, but how it performs in real conditions is yet to be seen. If you have a Ford EcoSport and have done a road trip, please do share your experience below.

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