High Court restrains fee collection at Delhi-Gurgaon Toll plaza for 15 days

Wednesday 05 September 2012, 12:31 PM by

Punjab and Haryana government has come up with a decision to curb the toll fee at Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, starting from midnight of September 4, 2012. The High Court's decision came after the petition filed by government stating that the monetary proceedings at Toll plaza were not functioning properly, resulting in vicious jams on the intersection of Delhi-Haryana border.

Chief Justice Jasbir Singh and Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain, the members of division bench, has asked National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to come up with a permanent solution at Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. On the other hand, the Gurgaon Traffic Police went to the court with the accusations over the concessionaires, who should be held responsible for the chaos at the expressways, according to them. They further stated that the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway was going through a shortage of employee bandwidth, but the authorities there was only concentrating over collecting revenues, rather focussing on streamlining the traffic congestions.

In order to ensure security at toll plazas, the state government has directed police officials in the region. Earlier, High Court said that the toll barriers are to be designed in such a manner, which will save both time and fuel of the commuters, but the commanding authorities at Delhi-Gurgaon expressway failed to look upon either of the two essentials.

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