Electric Car Reva to Have Increased Production

Tuesday 28 October 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

The manufacturer of the electric car Reva is planning to increase the production of their car. The company is planning to increase the production six times to meet the growing demands in the domestic as well as the overseas market. The company plans to open a new plant in 2009 to hike its manufacturing capacity to 30,000 cars annually.

Electric Car Reva to Have Increased Production | CarTrade.com

Reva produces the electric car, G-Wiz, sold in the UK market. There has been a considerable rise in the demand of electric cars in the overseas market which has led the company to increase their production capacity. According to the Chief Technology Officer, Reva, Chetan Maini, the company aims to produce as many as 36,000 electric cars annually. It currently has a manufacturing capacity of producing 6000 cars per year. It aims to set up another plant by 2009 of a capacity to produce 30,000 cars.

The company presently supplies G-Wiz electric car to the UK distributor, GoinGreen. It currently has 2800 electric vehicles on road in the UK. The UK distributor is expecting a huge increase in the demand for electric cars in the next few years. The rate at which the market shifts could vary depending on oil prices, but there are a huge number of consumers who want to be green if they don't have to pay a premium," said Maini.

One of the main reasons for the rise in demand for such cars is that it attracts government incentives - e.g. electric vehicles get free parking in London. Moreover, certain government regulations like a ban in some Chinese cities on non-electric scooters, also have led to an increase in demand for electric cars.

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