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The modern day scenario has changed tremendously in a lot of aspects including mediums of communication. In a stark contrast from earlier times, wherein people had to wait for newspapers to get their dose of latest happenings, one can know about, virtually, anything with a simple click. This not only signifies the technological development that has taken place, it also shows that people nowadays look for convenience in everything. However, one thing that has not gone out of fashion despite the availability of cheaper substitutes is a car magazine.

There are plenty of publications across the globe that have been successfully running for a number of years and are popular to this day. Although all top automobile magazines in the world have their own websites now, people still subscribe to hard copies. Industry experts feel that automobile aficionados love magazines because they are excellent collectibles. Also, many people have been collecting them much before Internet magazines came into existence and therefore, do not want to change the trend. In a lot of ways, auto enthusiasts collect car magazines like children collect comic books.

Only a few magazines in the world can boast of the kind of history Motor Trend possesses. The history of this American magazine dates back to 1949, when its first issue was launched in 1949. It has an iconic following and copies in excess of one million are sold every month, statistics have revealed. Experts feel that this magazine is the best choice for anyone who wants to get updated on the latest information regarding new launches. Motor Trend also has the tradition of giving many awards, such as Car of the Year and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the Year.

Car and Driver is another automobile publication from United States of America that has a large population of readers. Owned by Hearst Magazines, it has a long history, dating back to 1950s. Car and Driver, for a long time now, has been loved by readers for its superb way of illustrating things in a direct manner, something that has earned it a lot of acclaim.

Published by United Kingdom based Immediate Media Company, Top Gear is considered by many people as the most famous car magazine in the world. Named after BBC's highly acclaimed TV show, this magazine has been appreciated by car lovers for superb insights, photographs and expert opinions. The popularity of Top Gear is enhanced by contributions from James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, who are known throughout the globe for their antics. Statistics in the past have suggested that Top Gear is one of the leading car magazines in the Britain. It features reviews of new cars, latest news, car tests, vehicle guides and letters from fans.

Another car magazine from United Kingdom that has a large following is Auto Express, which is published by Dennis Publishing. Launched in late 1980s, Auto Express is highly appreciated by readers for its style of writing about upcoming cars and reviews of existing models. In addition, many critics have been really impressed by the regularity with which it manages to get spy shots of cars.

Apart from these, there are other publications that are followed by enthusiasts from all over the world. Some magazines that fall in this category are Automobile, Hot Rod, Super Street, European Car, Overdrive and Autocar.

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