Bajaj RE60 CNG to deliver a fuel economy of 60 kilometres per kg

Thursday 26 March 2015, 13:27 PM by

Bajaj RE60 has been spotted doing test rounds for quite some time now. This ultra-low-cost vehicle from Bajaj has been going through several tweaks here and there for the past few years. This time, there is a new revelation for the auto enthusiasts as a CNG powered model was spotted recently.

Notably, Bajaj has always focussed on having a high fuel economy of such low-cost vehicles. This is also reportedly the main reason why a CNG variant is being tested for the RE60. The test figure for the fuel economy for this model was quite a surprise. When the engineer on duty was contacted, it was revealed that the car was capable of covering around 40 kilometres for a kilogram of CNG.

Bajaj RE60 CNG to deliver a fuel economy of 60 kilometres per kg |
Bajaj RE60

Though, this mark is not exact or precise, still it has been able to create ripples among the industry experts. The question that looms at large is whether it will be able to compete with the currently running three-wheelers (a product of Bajaj). However, it is believed that despite all these questions, such fuel efficiency is sure to win the assurance of thousands of auto enthusiasts in the nation.

It must be noted that Bajaj had developed and revealed this RE60 quadricycle almost three years back but could not launch it because the government had not given a green signal to quadricycles plying on Indian roads. This was said to be a better alternative to the popular Indian auto rickshaws but the launch has been delayed.

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