60 year old man causes most expensive car accident in Japan

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Chugoku Expressway in Honshu, Japan was the site of an unfortunate accident that resulted in 10 people being admitted to the hospital. In the event, which occurred at 10.16 am on Sunday morning, a total of 14 luxury vehicles piled up, probably because a 60 year old man from Fukuoka Prefecture was driving beyond the permissible speed limit. If proven guilty, he will face charges for negligent driving resulting in injury.

The accident occurred when the negligent driver tried to switch lanes but hit the median strip due to wet road and high speed, ending up coming in the path of the cars following it.

60 year old man causes most expensive car accident in Japan | CarTrade.com
Luxury Car Crash

The accident, the most expensive ever, involved a fleet of luxury cars that were travelling from Kyushu to Hiroshima. Rains on the site further increased the gravity of the situation as slippery roads made the conditions worse for driving. 8 Ferrari, 3 Mercedes Benz, 2 Toyota and 1 Lamborghini were involved in the accident. In fact, all cars will have to be scrapped as each vehicle was damaged beyond repair.

The surprising news was that none of the drivers, aged between 37 and 60, suffered any major injuries, though 10 of them had to be treated at the hospital.

The speed limit on the Expressway is 80 kmph and the road was still wet on Sunday due to the rains that occurred the previous day. The 60 year old driver, who was in a Ferrari, accepted that he was driving too fast. He commented, "I was driving at a faster speed than the legal limit. I had attempted to change lanes while driving in the passing lane, but the rear wheels of my car skidded, prompting my car to hit the guardrail." When the driver lost control of the car, it led to a chain reaction that led to the single most expensive accident in the area yet.

Though the exact value of this pile up could not be estimated, authorities were relieved that no significant harm was done even to a single person.

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