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Jaguar XJ L 2.0-litre Petrol Review

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May 15, 2015 : Expert Review By

Jaguar XJ L 2.0-litre Petrol Review

One flagship luxury car that does not fit in the clichéd image is the Jaguar XJ and there are reasons for it. The way it looks with its low slung styling makes its competition look introvert. It’s artfully done and preciously crafted interiors command appreciation of all. Even the most dreadful critics find it difficult to point out something wrong in a Jaguar.

It was the V6 powered 3.0-L diesel version, we drove a few months back, which taught us that a limousine is not a car to doze off in boredom and instead can be driven in the best possible enthusiastic way. This time around, we have decided to curb our horses for a more matured and subtle offering.

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Honestly, higher performance and greater numbers are not much of a concern if you are chauffeured around everywhere. All you need is a surreal cocoon of luxury pampering you at its best and just to answer


More than being drawn on a sheet, the XJ looks conceived out of an emotional approach. It is by far the best looking luxury liner with a timeless stance of elegance. Get yourself positioned anywhere around it to notice the interesting flow of dynamic lines and sculpted contours.

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The chrome treated cross mesh of a radiator grille with the red insert screaming logo marks the arrival of an XJ. It doesn’t get mundane fog lamps and instead has a sleek LED strip running under the sweeping back headlamps. The high positioned temple above the grille forms the source of a strong rib flowing towards the windshield giving a fair idea of its power.

Wrapped in a moon shade of Polaris White, its grand presence leaves a strong impression on the onlookers. In fact, Jags attract attention unlike any other with the number of heads it turns. The 19inch TOBA alloy wheels come as standard on this variant. The streamlined roof looks barely away from the shoulder line as it has been designed to slice air with the least resistance possible.

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Things remain as interesting on the rear profile with the super slanting C-pillar which looks more of an extension of the sloping roof line. It all concludes with signature styled XJ tail lamps, which have become synonymous for its uniqueness. There is a mild chrome strip on the rear bumper with neatly tucked exhaust pipes underneath.



Someone who doesn’t like the way Jags ride and handle has to get himself thoroughly checked for numbness. In our last review, we were left mighty impressed with the 3.0-litre V6 especially with its sporty performance outclassing most in its segment.

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While the above is a driver’s delight, the same is not necessary for the chauffeured class. In fact, this class of clientele would want something more subtle and refined where the XJ 2.0-litre petrol steps in. Before reaching a stand against it by merely considering its displacement, the i4 turbocharged petrol engine makes a healthy 237 bhp and 340Nm of torque. Also, from standstill to blur can be done in just 7.5 seconds.

The smaller displacement four-cylinder petrol engine has an advantage over the larger 3.0-litre in terms of low range refinement and quickness. There is much response at the starting of the rev range compared to a similar setup. It takes some time to build momentum post which the motor gets extremely silent with a gentle purr.

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It looks almost like an orchestra as the ignition is switched on and the super finished Jaguar Drive Selector rises to reach the driver’s hand. A small twist and it engages in D-mode which handles everything by itself. In case you are in hurry, push it down and twist on the right to get the Sport mode activated. Placed right behind the shifter knob is a small chequered flag button which on pressing gives a red highlight around the cluster activating the dynamic mode.

The Dynamic mode is for the quick style of driving as it alters the acceleration pattern and tightens the suspension. The XJ’s handling prowess is mainly due to its adaptive dynamic control which analyses steering, speed and body movements 500 times in a second and accordingly tweaks the suspensions making it act in tandem with the response.

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One more attribute making the XJ handle so well has to be its overall shape. The flowing contours and streamline roof channelize air flow reducing the stress of resistance. This helps reaching high speeds with great ease. Even as it enters corners, the XJ is simply fantastic as holds on to the tarmac with strong confidence with the help of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) which ensures maximum traction at tricky conditions.

Steer it suddenly, change the direction or even push it for a quick manoeuvre, the XJ knows it all and also handles way better than most of its German rivals. The suspension setup strikes a right balance between comfort and agility. It swallows uneven surfaces and at the same time doesn’t make the ride feel soggy.

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Technical Specifications
 Make Jaguar
 Model XJ L
Variant Porfolio
Fuel Petrol
Price (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 9,597,000
Engine Capacity 1999
Power in PS/RPM 237 / 5500
Torque in Nm/RPM 340 / 1750
Gears 8 Speed Auto
Length mm 5252
Width mm 1899
Height mm 1457
Wheel base mm 3157
Fuel tank capacity L 82
Jaguar XJ L Competitors
Competition Specifications
7 Series
A8 L
Variant Porfolio 750Li 60 TFSI
Fuel Petrol Petrol Petrol
Price Rs. 9,597,000 Rs 1.46 Cr 1.38 crores
Engine Capacity 1999 4395 3993
Power in PS/RPM 237 / 5500 450 / 5500 429 / 5100
Torque in Nm/RPM 340 / 1750 650 / 2000 600 / 1500
Gears 8 Speed Auto 8 Speed Auto 8 Speed Auto
Length mm 5252 5219 5267
Width mm 1899 1902 1949
Height mm 1457 1481 1471
Wheel base mm 3157 3210 3122
Fuel tank capacity L 82 NA 82

The Jaguar XJ is the only car with such a humble petrol setup as its rivals like the BMW 7-Series and Audi A8 L come with mightier engines. This particularly is not a disadvantage for the Jag for a simple logic. They have a muscular V6 for the self driven while the chauffeured, which amounts to a niche number, can opt for the petrol considering its benefits.

Jaguar XJ L Images 16

Interestingly, BMW and Audi can be bought for Rs 1.46 and 1.38 Crores respectively while the XJ is available at Rs.95.97 lakhs, which also happens to be a staggering Rs 50 Lakhs less than the New Mercedes-Benz S-Class; enough difference to get a hot hatch. Even though the pricing doesn’t reach a crore, it has enough panache, charisma and appeal to lead the pack.

All we can say is that if you are looking for a means to mark your arrival in the most stylish way, get yourself a Jag.

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Jaguar XJ L

Starts at 110.22 - 111.3 lakhs

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