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        Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        Aditya Chatterjee

        Aditya Chatterjee

        Cartrade Comparison Test

        You cannot possibly ridicule them as cars for daily purpose as these are legendary offerings from two of the best manufacturers known to us. The Audi Q7 is an iconic beast that needs no introduction. The large trapezoidal grille with sleek wrap around headlamps marks its entry. It is this year in 2015, when its new generation successor arrives in India to compete against the other large hearted four wheeled souls. The other contender hails from Brit land and is known for its ultimate snob value. The Range Rover Sport can give complex to Hollywood beings like Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie. Team Land Rover gave it a new look inspired by the young Evoque and it looks super dapper in the new look. How do these two hold ground against each other? Let’s have a look

        Exterior and Interior Design:  Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        Every bit of the Range Rover Sport makes you give it a multiple look. There are many reasons to it. Receding styled A-Pillars followed by a tapering roofline give it an impacting presence. Add to that a strong shoulder line for no matter how gorgeous it is, still has to do justice to its SUV character. It also gets straight outta gym muscular flared wheel arches.

        Range Rover Sport Photos 17
        Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        While the face of the Sport is fierce, the rear is calm with a voluptuous feel. It gets a bulging tail door which can be operated via a button located underneath. The tail door also sports neat and clean branding. Wish the dual pipes came with a square profile tucked inside the bumper instead of the simple round ones but I can let that one go cause the overall appeal of the rear looks too tempting to be criticised for something as vaguely small.

        The existing Q7 still carries the menacing presence with great poise. If you site one at night approaching you at great speeds, there are chances of you calling Emergency Assist. Want to make a statement among your peers and that too with a dont-mess-with-me attitude; the Q7 shall do it with ease. There are some things that you should know or realise before getting the Q7 that it does not only occupy larger parking space but also inflates your ego to maximum.

        The amount of space inside the Q7 is amazing as you feel at ease seated on any of the first or the second row. The second row also get comfort seating whereas the third row is at its best provided you don’t make anyone sit but just keep shopping bags etc as the space here feels a bit squeezed. There are practicality bits like cup holders, file holders on the front and rear zones with equally spaced storage on door trims as well. To make it feel even more comfortable, it also gets 4-Zone air conditioning which chills the cabin in no time at all. The large panoramic sunroof lights up the cabin in addition to make it feel roomier.

        Performance: Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        The Land Rover Range Rover Sport comes in two faces. One is a tarmac tearing 5.0 L V8 Supercharged petrol version, which has a claimed 0 to 100km/h acceleration timing of 5.3 seconds. The other comes in 2993cc V6 diesel. This motor makes close to 300PS of power along with 600Nm of torque. There is a grumpy rumble exhaust note with the tacho needle walking past the sprinting speedo needle. As it crosses the 2,000rpm mark, the athletic or rather the ‘Sporty’ side gets unleashed. We managed to hold on to our guts and push it further as it was an open stretch and Boy! it impressed us with its straight line stability.

        Audi Q7 Images 1
        Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        What does the Audi Q7 offer to make your life easier? Just work on the rotary knob and the MMI screen offers options such as automatic, comfort, dynamic, off-road and lift. The comfort and dynamic are the ones you would need on a daily basis as they ensure smooth ride quality. The adaptive suspension senses the speed and accordingly lowers the body and adjusts the dampers. This also helps in creating a lower centre of gravity. The purpose built off-road mode raises the body by 25mm while the core lift mode can raise the trims by 60mm.

        Conclusion: Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vs Audi Q7

        These two machines may look similarly styled for they both sit under the Ultra niche premium SUV label but have a diversified approach to life. The Audi Q7 is for the one who loves domination and can take that extreme step to challenge the odds against it. The Q7 is for the Go Getter living on the edge. While the Range Rover Sport is for the one who wants to make a statement without any effort. The Sport owner relishes the finer things in life and has an impeccable liking for details. 

        Land Rover Range Rover Sport [2018-2022]
        Land Rover Range Rover Sport [2018-2022] ₹ N/A Onwards
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