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The auto-sector has been a hotly contested one since decades. Any manufacturer wanting to make inroads had to quickly compete with highly motivated competition churning out some rather good models. Amidst this all, the Mahindra cars division has managed to find its own exclusive space in the collective motoring psyche of auto-buyers in India. They did this by playing on the rugged DNA. Their products were reliable, easily serviced and had the ability to take on the rough with the smooth have endeared them to people across the country.

Mahindra e2o Plus
Mahindra e2o Plus

The future however, looks like it is going to go the electric way. Car makers are increasingly starting to offer full-hybrids and mild-hybrid tech in their existing car models. The Mahindra e2o plus though, is a prime example of the car manufacturer being more than up to mixing a healthy bit of the future with their traditional stuff.

As a pure electric car, the e2o plus is fairly unique. It entered the market as a 2-door model with a lot of promise. Now, in the ‘plus’ version, the e2o sheds off a few of its earlier drawbacks.

Indian car buyers have never really warmed up to 2 door vehicles. With the addition of two more doors at the rear, the Mahindra e2o plus has now become a lot more practical & therefore, desirable to potential buyers.

Those in love with planet Earth and how transportation is choking out habitat would particularly love the fact that this green car emits zero tailpipe emissions. Yes that’s right, driving around in the e2o plus wouldn’t have you feeling guilty about the carbon footprint.

The e2o plus has an effective driving range of 100-120 kilometres. This means that it makes itself a prime candidate for someone wanting to enjoy an electric car on their daily work commute.

The Mahindra e2o plus comes with a reverse park-guidance camera, an Android based infotainment system and smartphone syncing so you can work/play as you commute.

This green car also comes with ABS based body work. This makes it a choice in the dent & nudge traffic conditions, thanks to its scratch resistant properties. The automatic transmission, narrow dimensions and the addition of power-assisted steering are a huge convenience booster, making it fairly enjoyable to drive in the city.

The under-developed infrastructure is still a huge limiting factor in the mainstream adoption of electric cars like the Mahindra e2o. For example, once beyond the limited range, owners will have to ensure that there’s enough charging points to juice up the batteries when the run down.

The 10 lakh rupee price-tag in Mumbai, post subsidies, however, means that this car will continue to be a niche player - shame!

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