Salman Khans Sporty Audi RS7

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Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan is known to be a man of many passions. Known for his love of all things automobiles, he’s had a lot of exotic beauties over the years in his garage. What’s more, he also loves being the first customer, beating the rest in this part of the world, when it comes to collecting the keys to his wheeled possessions.

Salman khans sporty audi rs7
Salman khans sporty audi rs7

Audi cars are ubiquitous in Bollywood and the film set is known towards being equally partial to both, the sporty as well as the luxurious models in the company’s line up. From the A4 sedan to the Q7 & Q5 SUV’s, each of Audi’s offerings have gone on to be hugely successful in the market. But it is with the RennSport ‘RS’ range that Audi is fast carving out a name for itself among discerning buyers in the country.

The Audi RS7 Sportback is a prime example of Audi’s leadership in the luxury automobiles space. The manufacturer took the A7 Sportback body and paired it with the RS6’s underpinnings to create a winning combination of an automobile. The sleek, coupe-esque shape hides a four-door design. The car is powered by a twin-turbo fed 4000cc V8 engine that provides a most sonorous soundtrack for its four occupants when on the move. The engine produces a staggering 552 bhp & 500+ Nm of torque. It also comes with Audi’s signature, Quattro, all-wheel drive system, which ensures scintillating performance and sure-footed behaviour across a wide range of terrain.

The Audi RS7 Sportback also comes with the manufacturer’s ‘cylinder-on-demand’ system. What this does, is that the engine management system, activates & deactivates up-to four cylinders as per the demands of the driving conditions. Thus, the engine operates as a V4 during, say city conditions where there isn’t much load, while offering the full-throated V8 roar when one puts the foot down on the accelerator out on the open road. The advanced drivetrain & all that power, means that the RS7 will hit 100 km/h in less than four seconds!

Priced at an eye-watering 1.27 Crores, the Audi RS7 is a rather unique car, not just in the manufacturer’s line-up but also in the market today. So the next time you happen to be on the streets of Mumbai & see a red specimen go past you, do crane your next. It could very well be that it would be the day when you spot one of Bollywood’s top superstars, Salman Khan behind the wheel.

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