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One of the things about owning a car is waking up to the painful realization that you probably have misplaced the key - either left it behind somewhere or simply forgot to carry it along on the way down to work. At the bare minimum, it involves trudging back up to where you left it. Usually, it involves reaching out to the repair centre/key maker who makes you a fresh one.

Volvo keyless car technology
Volvo keyless car technology

The pain and expenses aside, the sheer frustration over lost time and the silliness of having misplaced the key is known only to those who’ve experienced it. Which is why when Volvo cars said that they had a permanent alternative to the car key, it made me sit up and take notice.

My office car comes with its own keyless entry system that’s paired with a push-button start-stop system. I keep the fob in my pocket, walk up to the car and it unlocks automatically. Press the clutch, thumb the starter & voila! I’m on my way. The reverse is when i park & walk away. So it was interesting to know how this Volvo keyless car technology was different from what i have been using.

Turns out Volvo cars wants to replace the car key completely, fob and all. As is typical of the smartphone age, they’re rolling out an app! Now before you go make that face, read on. Through bluetooth based communications protocol, the app generates an access key that unlocks the car & permits the person to start it up.

Just thinking about the possibilities of this Volvo keyless car technology has me going giddy with joy. With the ability to generate multiple keys through the app, it could prove to be handy to car rental firms. Simply authorise individual apps for specific cars and off they go. It is also a great thing for single car families. One member could drive off with the car in the morning (for example), while another one comes and accesses it through their app when they need it later in the day. No need to interrupt each other's schedules for they key anymore.

Sure there’s still some kinks to be ironed out and it isn’t that other car manufacturers aren’t onto similar, smartphone based car access systems either. But it is Volvo that looks to be the most prepared at this stage, and early indicators show that theirs is the most evolved too. So don’t be surprised to see the Scandinavian car marque roll-out this feature in the near future.

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