Anil Kumble With The Ford Endeavour

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Cricket as a paying sport at the professional level can be quite the rollercoaster ride. In India for example, it was only the players in the National Team that traditionally raked in the moolah. Players on the Domestic Circuit used to be a distant second. Things really changed once the IPL and T20 fever gripped the nation and cricket in India found a few thousand extra revs overnight.

Anil kumble with the ford endeavour
Anil kumble with the ford endeavour

Wearing the National Cap though is a matter of great pride and over the years we’ve had a select bunch really shining bright under it. Just ask former cricketer and bowling legend – Anil Kumble. Known for his utmost dedication towards taking out the opposition irrespective of how the pitch was behaving, he’s perhaps won more test matches for the nation than any other bowler out there. A talented wrist-spinner, he’d used his tall stature and terrorize the opposition with his bowling. They would pierce through the air rather than waft across, kicking up to the batsman rather than loping around. Watching him on the crack-peppered pitches in India was an absolute treat.

His dedication to the game was unparalleled and was always hungry to try new things on the pitch. From bowling with a bandage holding up his fractured jaw to taking out the opposition singlehandedly, Anil Kumble isn’t just a fine Indian bowler, but is counted among the finest there have been in the history of the game.

When it came to choosing a car for himself, he went for one that echoed the same qualities as him - dependable, supportive and with ability by the spades. Kumble, who’s not known to be that big an auto-nut like his colleagues in the Team, chose the big, brute of an SUV – the Ford Endeavour. A four-wheel drive, go-anywhere giant that could overhaul mountain after mountain of challenging rough-roads as if it were a drive down to the park.

It has been almost a decade since the first Ford Endeavour rolled off the showroom floor here in India. Back then, it towered over other SUV’s in the market and offered a plush interior that was unparalleled. With loads of space and immense capability to enjoy the outdoors, the ‘Endy’ as it is fondly known quickly went on to earn its own dedicated fan-following. Now, Ford gears up to launch the new-generation of their iconic SUV, it is almost as if an era has passed. The last of the old guard has bowed out and the exciting new future is upon us.

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