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Cars in India have traditionally been a male bastion. Sure, there were a select bunch of women who would regularly get behind the wheel, but they were a minority most of the time. Then came the Nineties and brought with it the lingering taste of freedom. As the economy flourished, preferences changed. Today, there are enough women getting behind the wheel and owning some of the swankiest wheels, going on to prove that they can and will easily match up to the boys.

Car organizer
Car organizer

With a lot many new cars being launched in the country, particularly in the past five years or so, finding a car for oneself isn’t that difficult. So if you’ve got a lady in your circle who loves to drive, then an accessory or two from the list below is sure to have her break into a smile.

The first thing to do when looking up cool car accessories for women is to identify her type. Some are feminine by nature, others are sporty, the practical types and the ones that adore all things mushy. To each their own. But you’ve got to know ‘her’ before you go and buy anything.

Women typically love perfumes or so the saying goes. Well, if you know the fragrances she loves then you could try and have the same come wafting through to her the next time she opens her car door. Woody, spicy, delicate, floral, aqua – are just a few hints to get you started.

These days, we all have our share of gadgets that have become a part of our lives. You could give her a car organizer or caddy, that would help keep all her gadgets within reach. Similarly, there are loads of chargers, cables and assorted connectivity stuff that’ll help her stay in-touch with the world.

A music system upgrade is another prime candidate on the list of cool car accessories for women. From mere speaker upgrades, to Bluetooth add-ons and acoustic damping to improve the sound – there’s plenty that can be done to ensure her favourite tunes play out just the way she likes them.

There’s plenty of vendors out there offering personalization services for accessories. You could do a set of neck-pillows, seat-belt protectors, or even go the whole hog and customize the upholstery for her. Custom foot-mats, especially in new cars too is a great choice.

Thing is, it all depends on the lady and your imagination. You’ll know you’ve done it right when she breaks into a big, wide smile.

Car neck pillow
Car neck pillow


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