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        Tips For A Longer Lasting Car

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Keeping a car for a long time and maintaining its mileage and shape might be a financial issue for cost-coconscious consumers, but it’s far easier and affordable than it seems.  Many car-manufacturers claim offering long lasting cars in India, but it’s actually the regular maintenance that makes all the difference. What kind of engine lubricant, brake fluid, coolant and grease is being used is equally important as changing them on time.

        Tips for a Longer Lasting Car
        Tips for a Longer Lasting Car

        Follow a few handy car care tips for keeping your vehicle in space and run it for a longer time.

        Basic car maintenance tips

        Basic car maintenance, on regular basis, improves efficiency and lifespan of a car. Some general recommendations -

        • Wash your car once a week or a month, depending on weather condition and how often it is driven.

        • Using a vacuum, clean it from inside as well.  Dirt, dust and filthy seats upholstery might cause a stinky smell when windows, too, are completely rolled-up.

        • Air filter needs to be replaced in a year or 10,000 - 12,000 miles. If you live in a dusty or dessert area, clean and change it often.

        • Change the engine lubricant and oil filter, at the same time, in every 3,000 - 10,000 miles. It usually depends on how you drive and where you live. For example, if you live in hot climate area, drive on rough, dirty roads and carry heavy loads, then the vehicle will consume more fuel and burn more oil. You will need to change the oil and filter frequently.

        • Check tire pressure. Under-inflated tires affect fuel efficiency of the vehicle, and also increase risk of tire wear that might further cause an accident.

        Fluids maintenance

        Check fluid level of your car, especially when you are going on a long road trip.

        • Engine oil – Make sure that oil level is maintained between the two hash marks scaled on the dipstick. Add more, if it’s below the marks. 

        • Windshield wiper fluid - A low level of windshield wiper fluid doesn’t harm the car. But, make sure it remains filled, especially, in cold weather or snowy season.

        • Antifreeze coolant- Coolant should be changed once a year. Check anti-freeze coolant when engine is cool; and while replacing it, read its type. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distill water prevents carbon deposition and corrosion. Such coolants are good for the cooling system.

        • Transmission fluid - Usually, transmission fluid is red in color, it lasts for as long as 100,000 miles in new cars. If it turns black or brown, replace it instantly. Transmission or gear fluid should always be of recommended viscosity and type.

        • Power steering fluid - The steering gets extremely heavy, if this fluid gets low.

        • Brake fluid – Normally, cars don’t consume brake fluid. But, if its level is getting low, take your car for service immediately. It indicates that the brake line has a leakage and this can lead to brake-failure.