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      Smart And Safe Tips For Driving In Rains

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Rainy season is one of the most tipsy and testy season for driving. Therefore, almost all auto experts suggest special tips for safe and sound driving. Driving in rainy reason is a tough task as the pouring water makes roads slippery and vision hazy. So, in order to reach your destination safely, there are a few car driving tips that every driver needs to keep in mind. For a better understanding, let’s take a look at some of those:

      Safe tips for driving in rains
      Safe tips for driving in rains
      • The first and foremost safe driving tip in rains is to have patience. It is better to reach late than to be stuck for hours in some complicated situation. However long or short be your journey, just stay calm and drive slow, the adjustment time for wet weather is slightly longer than other weathers.

      • Always try to stay in middle lanes or towards the breaker because water often gets pooled near outer lanes. Sailing through submerged lanes is a short cut to accidents and stuck ups.

      • The 3-second rule is one of the most important car driving tools that needs to be followed by all. Always maintain a 3 second distance from all kind of vehicles while passing through city roads.

      • In order to stay safe, always maintain a specific distance from large vehicles like trucks and buses. The spray formed by their wide tyres often reduces clarity of vision. And while overtaking them always see that the pass is safe and quick.

      • Keep your senses alert while driving over wet roads and stay alert for brake lights of vehicles moving in front of you.

      • It is safer to take off your foot from accelerator rather than applying brakes. An important lesson to be learned by all kind of car drivers in India.

      • Always keep your headlights on even when it drizzles, it helps other drivers in identifying you and maintain a safe distance over hazy paths.

      • Another important tip for safe driving in rains – take proper care of your wipers before monsoon strikes your area.

      • Try to avoid off-road drives during this season. Even if you are in a SUV it is possible you might get stuck in puddles.

      • Never ever drive through moving water especially over unknown roads. Even if you are aware of ins and outs of the road, constant pouring may have disfigured it completely.

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