A Few Essential Car Maintenance Tips

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Just adhering to car servicing intervals isn’t enough to maintain your car in a good state. There are several other things that you might need to take care on your own such as giving it regular washes and keeping it dirt free. There is a long list of DIY activities that needs to be taken care of on a regular level as part of your car maintenance regime. Some of the primary ones are as follows:

Car maintenance tips
Car maintenance tips

Checking Engine Oil: One of the most basic car care tip is to keep a regular check over your engine oil. For this purpose, just park your car on a plain ground and turn off the ignition. Wait for a few seconds till engine oil drains into its oil pan. Remove the oil dipstick and use a rag to wipe it clean. Place it back in its former position and pull it out again to check the oil level. It should be somewhere near the “FULL” sign. Even if it is somewhere below it, you are good to go but if it goes blow it you really need to take care and get it refilled.

Keep a Check Over Automatic Transmission Fluid: It is one of the most common tips for all new cars and used cars owners. Park your car over a plain ground and turn ignition own. Let the car stand in that state for a while. Pull out the transmission dip stick as per given instructions in user manual. Use a tissue or rag to wipe it clean and put it back in its former position. Pull it back again to check the fluid level. It will show COLD and HOT marks as per the state of power mill. Even if it is slightly below it, you need not worry about anything. But if it is much beyond it, you definitely need to take action and get it refilled.

Engine Coolant – Lower levels of coolant will lead to engine overheating and may cause larger damages. It is better to maintain their optimum level especially during summers and hot seasons.

Tyres: One of the most commonly suggested car care tip, tyre pressure must be checked once in a month. Better keep a typre pressure gauge with you, check the tyre pressure before you start for anywhere. For summers, increase the check-ups from 1-2 times as heat often leads to decrease in pressure for vehicles. 

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