Active Windows Display

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Heads-up displays (HUD) were originally developed by military for information purpose, but are now extensive utilized for mainstream cars. Most modern luxury cars come with head-up display that provides information to drivers, while staying focused on the way ahead. Information like driving direction, vehicle’s speed, remaining fuel, location, low visibility weather, smartphone connectivity etc. can be easily accessed by drivers.  An advanced HUD system provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions via satellite and also enhances road view display by using infrared or low light cameras.

Active Windows Display
Active Windows Display

After using this technology for years, the carmakers are now working on active windows display technology that is expected to replace today’s HUD systems by 2020. This car technology was among showstoppers at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will display vibrant images, navigation system and all information on windshield or window glass of the car. It will be more intuitive and safer way to use navigation, access notifications, make calls and listen music without moving your eyes from the road.

Features of Active Windows Display Technology Based Devices

Advanced display technology

Imagine a transparent reflection or image appearing on your windshield, so that you can stay focused on the road and make calls, and view navigation instructions, remaining fuel, speed etc. at the same time. This technology is also used by military pilots to transmit information without distracting their focus from flight or run way.  

Works in any car

The device based on active glass display technology can easily be affixed on dashboard of any car. You simply need to plug-in it to the onboard computer (OBD II port).

Intuitive voice controls and touchless gesture

Using active windows display in cars, you will never get distract while driving. Apps displayed on the windshield or window can be controlled or accessed through an intuitive touch-less hand gestures, while voice recognition system allows asking you for directions. Some devices might get innovative technology for enhancing driving pleasure such as wide angle gesture sensors, noise cancellation technology etc.

Multiple apps

Most devices come with a wide range of apps and high quality display system. Active window technology based devices are compatible to multiple mobile platforms, and also offer Google and Apple app services.   

 Tuned for the driver

Active glass or window display is the most advanced automobile technology in cars. The devices-based on this technology can be tuned for drivers. For example, turn-on speed and turn by turn directions display when you receive a phone call.

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