What To Check For A Used Car?

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If you cannot afford an expensive car, then next best option would be buying a used car. But, private sellers are not bound by any rules and regulations, and thus it is only up to you to ensure that you don’t get cheated. For this, here is a vehicle inspection checklist for you to see whether a particular car is worth buying or not. To make this easier, the list has been divided into several sections.

What to check for a used car
What to check for a used car
  1. Exterior of the used car:
    • Windshield – See whether the windshield has any crack or not. If there are any cracks, then you may have to spend some money to replace the windshield.
    • Colours of the used car’s body – Do the colours of body panel of the car match? Used or new, colours convey a lot. If you don’t think that colours match, then be ready to have the car repainted. Again, more money spent.
    • Body scratches and body dents – Does the car’s body have any scratches or dents? If yes, then ask the seller to show you a different car. Spending money or removing the dents and scratches may be a bad idea.
    • Windshield wipers – Windshield wipers of some used cars are not functional. It is a good idea to check their condition before buying the car.
    • Headlamps and other lights – Finally, also have a look at the headlamps and directional lights of the car. Usually, these types of defects are easily noticed, but it is better to ensure that you have had a look.
  1. Tires:

Once you have thoroughly checked the exterior parts, then it’s time to move to the next section of this vehicle inspection checklist.

  • Brand of the tires
  • Ensure that all the tires have the same make. A minor difference can result in some issues.
  • Spare tire’s condition.
  • Cuts on tires – Ensure that the tires don’t have any cut or crack. If they do have even a small cut, ask the seller to have them replaced before buying the car.
  • Tools – Verify that the car has a complete set of emergency tools, and that they are functional.
  1. Engine:
    • No oil leakage
    • Clean battery terminals
    • Good battery condition
    • No deposits on pipes
  1. Interior:
    • Seat covers should not have any cuts
    • Seats should be comfortable and move smoothly
    • Air Conditioner, Stereo, Power windows and parking lights, etc. should be in proper condition.
    • Brakes should be in perfect condition.

If the car passes all the above tests and all legal documents are correct, then you can safely buy that particular used car. Of course, this vehicle inspection checklist isn’t complete but it is sufficient to filter out most of the used cars you should not buy.

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