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The global automotive industry is a continuously flourishing business field where new technologies are unveiled and launched each day. Auto makers from around the world are more inclined towards creating zero-emission cars, which are harmless to the environment and at the same time offer impressive performance on roads. The hydrogen fuel-cell cars and hybrid and all-electric vehicles are a few types of clean source automotive, which have been created for similar purposes. The technique of employing a CNG cylinder in a vehicle is also among the few methods of creating a green car. This practice is largely in use in the domestic auto market and almost all the auto giants of the nation have their variants with a similar specification. One such car is the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, which has been equipped with an advanced intelligent CNG technology by the auto maker.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio
Maruti Suzuki Celerio

This hatchback is one of the most promising models among all the Maruti Suzuki cars, which have been launched by the company since its advent. Maruti Suzuki Celerio has been incepted by the company recently this year in a petrol guise along with the option of a CNG model. Although many auto makers employ the similar technique in their vehicles, Maruti Suzuki claims its hatchback to be a more exclusive green car. What makes this hatchback more interesting is its company-fitted advanced intelligent CNG technology with Gas Port Injection. It has been named as i-GPI technology by the auto maker, who claims such type of method to be more safe and reliant. Earlier also Maruti Suzuki cars have showcased few brilliant innovations in their design and philosophy but this hatchback is somehow able to surpass them all.

The i-GPI technology is governed by the principle of injected the CNG fuel type into the combustion chamber more intuitively and intelligently. This technique allows a better and more uniform air-fuel mixture in the chamber; thus, allowing the driver smooth driving and accelerating experience. The auto maker describes this technique to qork in the following ways:

  1. CNG is injected precisely into various ports of engine that are near the combustion chamber of the car.

  1. The transformation of fuel source from petrol to CNG is controlled intelligently with this technique, which also allows regulates the quality of gas entering the chamber.

  1. The technique also makes use of the dual on-board computers, which help in enhancing the overall performance of this green car.

The CNG technology incorporated in this car is a BS-IV compliant, which is a highest standard given to major eco-friendly cars in India. As compared to the diesel cars, this CNG model offers greater mileage of about 26 km/kg and a unique driveability to the owner. Maruti Suzuki Celerio has a 1.0-litre newly developed petrol engine, which is able to provide a decent power output. Auto experts believe that among all the Maruti Suzuki cars in a CNG avatar, this hatchback specifically takes the lead in terms of power and performance. With a price tag of Rs. 4.30 lakh, this CNG car offers great value for money and best-in-class features to the occupants.  Maruti Suzuki has always been acknowledged to revolutionise technologies in its cars and with this hatchback, it has attempted to do the same.

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