Chevy Malibu: An Iconic Model From General Motors

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General Motors, better known as GM, is an American automobile manufacturing organisation and is also a front runner in the industry. One of the best cars among the huge range Chevrolet cars produced by GM is the Chevrolet Malibu or the Chevy Malibu. The 1st edition of this car was from the year 1964 to 1983, after which the car was overhauled and a new range was introduced from the year 1997 and is still manufactured worldwide. This mid-sized car was initially marketed in North America but gradually in the year 2012 it spread its wing to other countries.

Chevy malibu
Chevy malibu

In its initial years, this mid-sized car was a better version of the Chevrolet Chevelle. It was available in the form of sports car, convertible and sedan with four doors and also as a station wagon. With lavish interior and beautiful upholstery this car had always been the talk of town. In terms of power also the car marked its existence. It had a 300 horsepower six cylinder engine. 

The models from the 2nd generation to the 5th generation were restyled in some way or the other. Changes were made in the roof lines, hardtops, and splits in the wheelbase in the second generation. The tail lights were modified and restyled in every model of Malibu. With every generation as the exterior and interior design kept on changing so also the engine and its power and transmission. The car became a heaven for sports car enthusiasts. From sixth to eight generation the Malibu became a hero. With lavish interiors and massive changes in its looks, the car became a class of its own. Whatever be the generation Chevy Malibu green cars have always been very attractive.

The following are some notes on Chevy Malibu:

Features: with an engine of four cylinder and automatic transmissions for six speeds, this car is among the best cars in its category. Chevrolet MyLink, a feature introduced in the new generation model helps to connect all wireless devices and has provision for storage. With USB mobile charger and touch screen features of Chevrolet MyLink, the car oozes style.

Safety: with dual stage airbags for the driver and the front passenger it does not only meet the standard safety norms but also has airbags for thorax/ pelvic impact as well as for knee impacts. There are also airbag protections for rear passengers also. New safety features like warning systems for lane departures. There are also camera systems for front and rare view.

Markets: initially the car was marketed only in the North American region but gradually they started marketing all over the six continents.

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