Tips On Driving A Car In City Traffic

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The automotive industry of India has over the years, grown out to be a major enterprise, which includes million of users. At present, a considerable 40-50 percent of the country's population owns a car for commercial or passenger use. In such a circumstance, car driving in city has become more difficult as the roads are heavily packed in peak hours of business. Driving on Indian roads in such crucial hours is a complex task and the driver needs to have patience to cruise through the heavy traffic. Amidst the heavy traffic, the fuel-efficiency of any car as well as its overall performance gets compromised. The engine might take heavy load when the car is not able to move swiftly and is being decelerated constantly. There are a few city driving tips, which can ensure safety of the occupants and good performance of the vehicle. Taking care of the following points might help people in driving conveniently amidst heavy congestion:

Tips on driving a car in city traffic
Tips on driving a car in city traffic
  1. One of the most important city driving tips is to opt for the route, which is congestion free. One can make use of a GPS device to locate different directions, which include less traffic and allow the car to be driven smoothly.
  1. Driving on Indian roads through peak hours can be hectic, therefore, people are advised to keep some necessary items, such as snacks, water and first-aid kit in the vehicle. Having such items in the car might be helpful when the driver or any other person is in dire need of the same.
  1. Most of the people opting for car driving in city do not have the basic knowledge of the correct lanes on which they should commute. Even if the people have this information, they tend to not utilise it in a bid to reach their destination as quickly as possible. If people start sticking to their correct lanes then almost half of the traffic stress on roads can get reduced.
  1. Using the clutch and brake pedals gently is also among the few basic city driving tips when the car is stuck in traffic. Some of the drivers tend to be more harsh on the car's accelerator and brakes; thus, reducing the overall efficiency of the engine. The mileage of the car gets reduced and the vehicle itself starts taking much load after a while. While driving on Indian roads, people shouldn't constantly keep their foot on the clutch and ride smoothly in accordance with the congestion rate.
  1. If people find constant clutch pressing part of their driving style and cannot remove the habit, they can always opt for an automatic car. There are several cheap cars available with automatic transmission and also record high mileage figures. Driving in metro cities becomes less hectic and much more comfortable while operating a clutch less vehicle.
  2. People should always keep their focus one the road ahead and avoid getting distracted by the surrounding. Car driving in city requires both patience and concentration, and in case of heavy traffic the eyes should be ahead. People should make use of side-view and rear-view mirror to change lanes and should not drive rashly in order to assure the safety of the occupants inside and other commuters on the road.

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