Tips On Buying An Extended Warranty For A Car

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While buying a new car, a number of people tend to go for the option of extended warranty so as to secure their vehicle during future damages. In a nutshell, extended warranty for a car can be described as a future safeguard policy one opts for to save his/her automobile against upcoming accidents. An automobile warranty is basically a car guarantee provided by the auto maker to assure the buyer regarding the quality or durability of a vehicle. Every car arrives with a certain validity of warranty that is limited to a specific period and can be extended as per the convenience of a buyer. Extended car warranty in India is offered by all the auto makers through their dealerships as well as through the companies, which have tied-up with the auto brand.

Extended car warranty
Extended car warranty

Choosing for an extended warranty is one of the most significant car buying tips for every prospective buyer. There are ways through which one can obtain the same and these are listed below:

  • Deciding over the need for extended warranty: It must be noted that almost all the vehicle arrive with a warranty limit and can be extended during the period or after limit has expired. While opting for extended warranty when the car is in its warranty period requires less amount to be paid, one can end up paying hefty amounts after the limit has expired. People should consider their budget slabs and requirements before opting for an extending warranty for a car. To purchase an extended car warranty, people can either contact their existing company or opt for a new one.

  • Selecting among the right provider: There shouldn't be any hurry while purchasing an extended car warranty and people should do thorough research before going for the same. Extended warranty in India is offered by the auto maker, local dealers and the independent firms, which have collaborated with a specific motor company. While purchasing extended warranty from all these sources requires less amount to be paid up-front, their after services might differ to great extents.

  • Analysing the plans: While opting for extended car warranty in India, people should examine the components of the agreement precisely so that they don't end up paying extra from their own pockets. A good warranty comes up with features, such as credit card payable services, provision to choose among dealerships, transferable warranty and authority certification whereas, a bad plan may not offer such leverage.

  • Choosing carefully: While at the dealerships, one may face the problem of getting pressurised to buy an extended warranty for a car. This is due to the fact the dealerships charge hidden and extra amounts in the clauses and all the profit directly goes to the motor companies. Buyers must make steady decisions as per their needs and not according to what the dealers are offering.

  • Knowing the applicable clauses of the plan: After purchasing an extended car warranty, people are free to enquire about any complex clauses, which might sound flawed. Each query should be properly cleared through the provider so that there are no complications in case any unexpected incident occurs in the future.

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