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      Specific Car Summer Maintenance Tips

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Specific car summer maintenance tips
      Specific car summer maintenance tips

      While purchasing a new car, there is always a dilemma in the minds of the buyers as to how the proper maintenance and servicing of these automobiles should be carried out. Auto lovers have their ways to keep the cars healthy and blossoming but for a common man, there are certain tips and tricks to do the same. The summer time always brings hurdles for the car as the heat drastically affects the performance of cars in several ways. Everything from the body paint right to the tyres can be subjected to damage if proper summer car caring tips are not followed. There are numerous ways to maintain new cars as well as used cars and the same shall be disclosed for people across the globe:

      1. People should keep checking the fluid levels (brake oil, engine oil etc.) of their cars so that it continues working efficiently. The coolant or the antifreeze of a car can be easily harmed or emptied during excessive heat and the same should be taken care of constantly.
      2. Checking tyre pressure is also a significant task during summers, as the rubbers of the tyres have chances to get inflated. An eye should be kept on these and one can also go through the manual of the car to get rid of the problem. The air in the tyres should be monitored on regular basis and the pressure should always be checked when they are on room temperature and not heated.
      1. Car servicing should be done for old as well as new models, because it is during the servicing periods when the real problem of any car gets identified. The concerned dealer should be contacted whenever the vehicle has undergone minor or major wear and tear.
      1. If people are planning to buy used cars, the air-conditioning units should be checked properly as the absence of AC might leave the occupants agitated. The same should be included in the new car maintenance tips and the AC unit of the newly-bought automobiles should be regulated on continuous basis; thus increasing car's performance and mileage.
      1.  During summers, if people are planning for vacations then they should specially keep in mind about the inspection of air filters and oil levels. Doing this might help users to increase the fuel economy statistics of their cars. During the scorching heat, a number of things affect the mileage of the car, such as power windows, AC and constant acceleration on roads. The air filters and injectors of the cars should be replaced on a regular basis to increase the overall life of the car.
      1. Summer car maintenance tips essentially include taking care of the skin of the car. Exposure to direct sun might decrease the glow of the body paint and to retain the same, good-quality wax polish should be used once or twice a month. The same should also be asked to the car dealer when the vehicle has been sent for servicing.

      Summer car care tips can, in general, be employed all through the year to make the cars more durable and new as ever.