Nissans Electro Hydraulic Power Steering System

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In the competitive world of technology, every car maker strives to launch some new and exclusive features in the global automotive industry almost every day. A recent name in this expansive list is of the legendary Japanese auto major – Nissan.  The car maker has introduced a new technique of electro hydraulic power steering system in its cars. This system is believed to be the first ever such feature in the world to be assisting a car's steering. This technology might seem perplexing to many at first but once contemplated; its benefits will be witnessed.

Nissans electro hydraulic power steering system
Nissans electro hydraulic power steering system

The electro hydraulic power steering system has a number of advantages over the conventional electric power steering.

  • In such type of a system, the motor will only get activated when the car is being steered by the driver.
  • This system was finally achieved by the company after integrating multiple steering parts, and therefore it is much more compact than the traditional power steering.
  • There is no such hindrance when the driver attempts to steer the car in a natural or sporty manner as the hydraulic system works efficiently under all conditions.
  • This type of hydraulic power pack in the steering system will also result in better fuel economy of the car.

It is believed that a new Nissan car integrated with this system will provide an ultimate driving and steering experience to the driver. The electro hydraulic power steering system essentially includes the following features – a hydraulic assist, 12 V power supply and a small cylinder. While the car is being steered, this system will fetch the energy required by utilising the electric power through the supply rather than drawing it from the engine. Developed with the joint collaboration of Hitachi Automotive System Company Limited, this hydraulic steering system is expected to do wonders for the company in the upcoming time.

Reports are suggesting that this new system will be incorporating the steering of the company's upcoming hybrid car, called Nissan Fuga and also the new generation of the luxury sports sedan Infiniti M. A major advantage of such type of technology is that the electric motor is only operated when the car is being steered by the driver. This system is in turn monitored by the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of the car to provide better precision and agility while the vehicle is being driven. All the aspects of the car, right from its speed to the steering force and steering angle are controlled by the ECU unit to provide better results.

It is anticipated that the electro hydraulic power steering system will be officially launched in all the company's cars by the next year. Experts are of a view that other major automotive companies will also try to integrate their cars with similar system to provide stiff competition to Nissan. It is also expected that after launching, this system will also increase the base price of the car and will gradually be available for the common people as well. Whatever the outcome is, if such features are launched in India, they will be certainly pleasing the modern day buyers to a great extent.

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