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Almost all the cars in the present world feature the moniker of MPFI on their engines but most of the people don't know what it actually means. MPFI stands for Multi-point Fuel Injection system, which is being employed in the new-generation cars. MPFI can simply be termed as the new range of carburettors that are being used in all the petrol engines worldwide. This system actually works as a small computer unit, which regulates the various working aspects of an engine. This type of automobile technology has resulted in better fuel economy, better engine efficiency and also greater power outputs in the car. These are only the few reasons, which have accounted in the growth and prominence of MPFI as a better petrol engine system.

Multi Port Fuel Injection Car - MPFI Technology
Multi Port Fuel Injection Car - MPFI Technology

It is a known fact that for any car to be driven properly, it needs a fuel source, which can be either liquid or electric or even the blending of the two. In liquid engine types, the fuel is needed to be burnt so that the energy is produced to run the vehicle. The MPFI system utilises a small computer unit, which in turn controls the engine of the car. Petrol cars generally have 3 or more cylinders, where the fuel is burnt to produce energy. In the case of MPFI mills, one fuel-injector is provided near each cylinder through which the fuel is admitted to the combustion chamber. A number of new cars have been installed with this type of system so as to make them efficient on performance as well as mileage scale. 

Earlier, the carburettors were the main source where petrol was mixed with air in the requisite amount and then was sent to the cylinder or the combustion chamber. The main void in this type of system was that it was purely mechanical and did not have any source to control or monitor it. At times, the carburettor could mix more quantity of fuel or air and it resulted in irregular process of combustion. This in turn affected the performance of the car, which created a great amount of pollution in the car. However, with the advancement in the car technology, this problem has been successfully eradicated by the MPFI systems.

Through this intelligent system, all the cylinder of a vehicle, be it a normal hatchback or a hi-tech car, are treated independently. A microchip is installed with the MPFI system that properly calculates the amount of petrol and air needed to be mixed and then only sends the mixture to the cylinders. For these inputs, the microchip makes use of various aspects of the car and inspects all the conditions of the car before arriving at any decision. The microchip would read the temperature, speed, load, idling conditions and running conditions of the engine and then only will start mixing the fuel and air. Also, few of the modern vehicles have a unique in-car tech, which efficiently determines the driving habits of a specific person, records them in the chip and then does the calculation accordingly.

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