Mahindra Reva - A Revolutionized Green Car

author image Friday 14 March 2014, 14:21 PM Automobile Technology
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Mahindra Reva - a revolutionized green car

Rising fuel cost and awareness about global warming has given birth to a revolutionary electric car named 'e2o'. The car has come to reality owing to collaborative efforts put in by the Mahindra Reva group.  This petrol free car, comes with Easy home charging option, enabling you to charge the vehicle overnight in your garage.


The Mahindra Reva e2o is expected to initialize the concept of fuel free cars in India. The patented Revive technology in this green car, lets you remotely activate the reserve power with just a call or use of a Smartphone application. The car is blessed with a fully automatic transmission that makes driving a pleasure in the city traffic. The e2o with a compact structure has a mere turning radius of 3.9 meters. Moreover, the car is built using ABS body panels that are high impact dent and scratch resistant.


Who said green cars don't speak? The e2o from Mahindra Reva intelligent drive assist system is equipped to diagnose, record and notify information to its owner on a regular basis. The interiors of the e2o is also pretty convincing. The car has ample cabin space and carries a refreshed look. On the exterior, the long flowing headlamps and broad grills gives it an appealing look.


Driving an electric car does not make you look like a joker on the street. Indeed, you can drive one to sport a cooler and humane personality within you!     


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