Why Should You Get Your Car Tyres Rotated?

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Whenever you are driving your car down the road, the tyres keep rotating. However, this is not actually the thing that is meant when automobile buffs are talking about tyre rotation. Rotate car tyres essentially mean changing the position of the tyres like moving one wheel to a different position. This can be done from the front to back or right to left or diagonally. But the question that remains in the minds of car owners that why rotate car tyres? What is so different achieved simply by rotating car tyres in strange patterns?

Why should you get your car tyres rotated
Why should you get your car tyres rotated

The main thing that contributes to the need of rotation of car tyres is the differential amount of wear and tear that happens to the tyres. Not all the tyres get equally worn out and it has been deduced that the type and exact position of wear and tear on an individual tyre is highly dependent on the position where it is. Tyre rotation is an important aspect to maintain the constancy in the wear and tear process. Otherwise, the tyres will differentially wear out after some time leading to an unbalanced driving and sometimes quite risky for the passengers. Rotate car tyres in such a way so as to make the decaying effect uniform and experience more longevity and uniformly balanced driving.   

When cars make a turn, the front tyres lean outwards and inwards depending on the side of turning. However, the rear wheels simply follow the front ones. Tyre rotation pattern can be deduced simply from this fact. The front car tyres not only have the customary wear and tear but also at the outside edges. If they are left at their places, they will face decay at a much faster rate. On the other hand, the rear wheels do not face a decaying effect on the outside edges and simply the general wear and tear is experienced. As a result, it is better to keep changing the front and back tyre from time to time so that the effect is negated and all the four tyres have a uniform decay. If you are looking forward to rotate car tyres, you can take professional help or simply check the amount of wear and tear on the front wheels. It is time for tyre rotation when there is a visible difference in the shape of your front and rear wheels and it is better to swap the tyres for a better driving experience.

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