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Being a motorist, it is not strange for anyone to see people standing on the side of the road with a broken vehicle. While sometimes the reason is engine failure; few times the reason is a dead battery, because of which it becomes pretty tough for the car/vehicle for ignition start. The best and the immediate way to start the car in such a condition is by the Jump Start Car method. In this method, batteries of both the cars, working and broken, are connected to each other through jumper cables. An ignition from the working car is given to the broken car and it starts to work. After getting started, the regular charging system of the car will recharge and begins to function normally and hence, the additional source can be removed.

How to jump start a car
How to jump start a car

One of the most important equipment required for the jump start car process is Jumper cables. These are made up of insulated wires and alligator clips, at both the ends, which connect the disabled vehicle with the auxiliary source. These clips are primarily of two colours, red and black. While red colour clips denote the positive (+) terminals; black ones represent the negative (-) terminals.

Now, let us understand the jump start car process in detail. Following are the steps, which will describe how to jump start car:

  • Before connecting the batteries of both the cars, it must be noted that the voltage potential of both the batteries is similar.

  • Make sure that both the cars are not touching each other and the ignition is switched off.

  • The two poles of both the batteries must be connected to the respective terminals through the jumper cables.

  • After connecting both the batteries, stand away from the vehicles and start the ignition of the car with the functioning battery.

  • Leave the vehicles in this situation for 4-5 minutes and then try starting the broken car. If it does not start, repeat the same procedure.

  • When the broken car starts to work after the process, remove all the connections and the vehicle is ready to go.

These are some of the steps that should be followed in case you do not know how to jump start car in battery breakdown situation.

In many cases, when car battery down how to start it, this is certainly a quick and effective method of starting the vehicle.

In India as well, I have come across several incidents when people face dead battery issues and they aren’t aware of how to jump start car. New cars in India do not get broken so easily but the old ones do, very frequently. A lot of people have no idea about how to start a car when battery is dead in India. Consumers in the market look for used cars in India that they might get at affordable price but one is not really sure about its performance because of which they face a lot of problems after the purchase is made.

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