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      Volvo V40 Cross Country: Sumptuously Elegant

      Aditya Chatterjee

      Aditya Chatterjee


      Volvo V40 Cross Country: Sumptuously Elegant

      Going by general conventions, it we want something extremely safe and secure it has to be massive and big in nature. If the same has to move on ground, it would definitely not look anything close to amazing. Pretentious belief?

      Volvo has always endorsed safety in all its cars. It may not the most popular of the lot especially when it comes to “premium” cars as it has a very elegant approach to competition. While the three Germans have always been busy fighting among themselves, for Volvo, it was not about churning sales to reach peak but instead make cars that could be enjoyed, felt safe to drive and overall relished for long.

      Presently, the entry level premium cars are in vogue as the manufacturers want to introduce products to lure the young Turks of the country. This segment boasts of aspirational buyers and also greater volumes. While the X1, B-Class and the Q3 are doing well, it was a wise decision by Volvo to introduce the V40 Cross Country in India.

      Featuring classy interiors, tech savvy features and flowing exterior line, the Volvo V40 Cross Country seems to be a well knit gift with a satin ribbon. We indulge more in this Sumptuously Elegant ride.

      Appearance Exterior

      If aggression is BMW and luxury is Mercedes, Volvos have to be unconventionally elegant. The lines flowing on them have distinct character. They don’t look angry or unnecessarily athletic. The V40 comes across as a sophisticated cross over with its fresh approach.

      Borrowing looks from the elder sibling, the V40 looks reminiscent of the XC60. The Cross Country tag differentiates this one from a hatchback which the “V” has been famous for in Volvo cars. The radiator grille has a chrome embellishment around it which has a sparkle finish. The black plastic claddings on the lower jaw line make it look rugged. The vertically placed god lamps are an interesting addition. There are subtle lines flowing along the length of the bonnet.

      It has a very evident shoulder line flowing along its length. The raise after the bonnet followed by the gradual movement over the A-Pillars towards the rear give it a very coupeish design.

      The side may remind you of the BMW X1 with stretched wide lines. It also get contracting black side skirts which act as body protectors. This one has got a ground clearance of 145mm which is low but then the V40 is a cross over with an inclination towards a hatch than an SUV. It also gets 17 inch 6 spoke alloys which blend in very well with the overall design. It gets aluminum finished roof rails trailing on the top. The rear gets its tail integrated spoilers with the sudden steep in the rear windshield.

      Normally, manufacturers tend to ignore the rear profile of the car as the front hogs on all attention but in the V40, that’s not the case. The V40 gets a very well crafted rear tail gate which signifies all the characters and also is very convenient to operate.

      The flowing rear tail lamps are a visual treat and in late evenings, it looks smashing. The rear windshield which is very compact protrudes on the outer side and ends with a black lip on the tail door with chrome Volvo lettering on it. The black windshield and dark panel split the rear section in two parts. In addition to the plastic cladding, the V40 also gets an aluminum bash plate with “Cross Country” etched on it.

      The Volvo V40 Cross Country is a very elegantly styled crossover with its turns and curves. The elegant styling of the V40 will attract matured audiences if not the young blood.

      Appearance Interior

      If the interiors of other luxury cars have impressed you, the Volvo V40 Cross Country takes the experience ahead with its subtle proportions of luxury, elegance, simplicity and style. The passengers might just feel very spoilt.

      Indulge in luxurious interiors with three trims namely the dark leather charcoal, bright leather Blond or the chocolate brown leather Hazel with the last scoring over the other two. The interiors will attract the techno hunky generation with gizmos and motion graphics on the TFT instrument cluster is beyond imagination with plethora of options.

      There are three difference display options which help the driver and also gauge the driver’s style of driving. The Eco mode focuses on green style of driving which helps the car deliver better fuel efficiency. The Elegance mode is more of a classic layout for a comfortable ride. Shift it to the Performance mode and the instrument cluster gets into fiery red mode with the rev counter getting more importance. The resolution of the instrumental cluster is fantastic.

      The flowing centre console on the V40 makes it look very stylish. This one looks again very similar to the XC60. The dashboard has its share of contours flowing and the brushed aluminum finish compliments it very well. Even the door trims have been finished very well.

      It may not be grand in space as the legroom is just about decent. The sloping roofline also compensates on headroom. Regardless, the driver is still in a better place with more space in the front section. The rear passenger space is not very comforting. In addition to the cramped space, low headroom the sloping window line reduces the green house and thus leaving the passengers claustrophobic.

      What really scores inside the Volvo V40 is the TFT infotainment, instrument cluster and the elegantly designed interior trims. 

      Performance Drive

      This compact Crossover of a Volvo offers more than what meets the human eye. It comes only in one diesel engine trim. Conventionally, the high on carbon foot diesel engines are nothing but torque spitting vehicles. The Volvo V40 is…. different.

      Except for the Faux Rugged plastic claddings and screaming Cross Country itched on the rear bash plate, the V40 does not come across as an obese or a macho looking SUV but instead it chooses to exhibit a very well sculpted body. This really works for the V40 as it attracts audiences with multiple preferences.

      Surprisingly, Volvo India did not being in many engine options and decided to offer only one fully loaded version thus cutting the fuss completely. It has its own share of advantages and disadvantages with the primary one being lack of engine trims so the consumer has nothing to choose from.

      The V40 Cross Country gets the same D3 engine which was launched last year on its elder siblings. With a detuned spec mapping, this one produces 150 Hp of power and a whopping torque of 350Nm. The 2.0 Litre 5 cylinder engine comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission which has also a sports manual option.

      The Mercedes Benz A Class which we reviewed earlier left us with an amazing vibe about entry level cars and they are more than just being cheaper than the other versions. They can be a fun to drive motor. Volvo’s entry level offering does the same with its D3 engine. Push the pedal and the lag is negligible.

      Unlike conventional Diesel engines which have nothing but loud noise, the V40 has an amazing grown when the revs are pushed hard. The digital needle doesn’t feel lethargic to sprint to the end. The manual shifts which can be intervened in auto mode aren’t something to endorse on. When driving at high speeds, the missing paddle shifters spoil the mood as the D3 continues to sprint and push the engine really hard before going flat.

      The sweeping design of this Volvo V40 works amazingly in its favor as there is no body roll whatsoever. A small shuddering happens when its turned across corners especially when it cuts the corners at high speeds. The sloping pillar line followed by the massive panaromic roof just flows across the winds. Even at high speeds, the confidence remains high.

      With a meaty low end pick up and a strong mid range torque delivery, the V40 feels high on performance on both highways and city traffic. Even reaching triple digit speeds happens in less than 10 seconds which is very quick. It also comes with Start Stop technology where the engine turns off automatically when the vehicle is in Neutral. The company claims that this feature alone increases the mileage by 8%. In addition to this pizzaz, it also gets an Engine Brake Energy Regeneration where the braking energy is fed into batteries when the brake is released.

      The Park Assist Pilot is one helpful feature where the vehicle senses a parking slot and using the camera and sensors, it steers itself automatically into that slot. The driver has to control the braking, acceleration and the gear. This feature proved very useful.

      The suspension setup took the rough roads almost cushioning as much possible but then the setup is slightly on the stiffer side with the dampeners resisting the change in tarmac with a firm stance. Overall the handling and suspension paired with effective braking proved to be a great combination for the V40.


      Tech Specs

      Technical Specifications
       Make Volvo
       Model V40 Cross Country
      Variant D3
      Ex Showroom Mumbai in Rs 29,90,000
      Engine Displacement (cc) 1984/5 Cyl
      Power  PS/RPM 150/3500
      Torque in Nm 350/1500 – 2750
      Gear Box 8/AT
      Tyres 115/90 R16
      Dimensions in MM
      Length 4370
      Width 1783
      Height 1458
      wheel base 2646
      Ground clearance 145
      Mileage (KMPL) 14
      Speed Limit 205 KMPH


      Features D3
      Electronic Climate control Yes
      IR Reflective windscreen Yes
      Fixed Panaromic sunroof Yes
      Key integrated remote control, central locking Yes
      Personal car communicator with keyless drive Yes
      Leather seats Yes
      Power seat for  driver and passanger Yes
      Driver information module with 8"TFT Yes
      LED DRL Lights Yes
      Heated and Electrically adjustable outer mirrors Yes
      Dual Headlights Yes
      Headlight washer system Yes
      Turn with steering lights (ABL) Yes
      Cruise Control Yes
      Laser assisted Automatic braking Yes
      Park assist Yes
      2 Steps airbags Driver and passanger Yes
      SIPS Airbags and Inflatiable Curtains Yes
      Knee airbag  Driver side Yes
      Emergency Brake Assist, EBA Yes
      High performance music system Yes
      Dynamic stability and traction control Yes
      Antilock brake system Yes

      Competition All Specs

      V40 Cross Country
      Mercedes Benz
      B 180
      Variant D3 sDrive 20d CDI
      Ex Showroom Mumbai in Rs 29,90,000 25,64,555 22,60,000
      Engine Displacement (cc) 1984/5 Cyl 1995 2143
      Power  PS/RPM 150/3500 177/4000 108/4400
      Torque in Nm/RPM 350/1500-2750 350/3000 250/2800
      Gear Box 8/AT 6/AT 7/AT
      Tyres 115/90 R16 225/50 R17 225/45 R17
      Dimensions MM
      Length 4370 4454 4369
      Width 1857 1798 1786
      Height 1473 1545 1557
      wheel base 2646 2760 2699
      Mileage KMPL 14 15 13
      Multifunction Steering Yes Yes Yes
      Leather steering wheel Yes Yes Yes
      Park distance control Rear Yes Yes Yes
      Music System  Yes Yes Yes
      Driver and Front passanger  airbag Yes Yes Yes
      Side airbag for driver and front passanger Yes No Yes
      Knee airbag Driver Yes No No
      Traction control Yes Yes Yes
      Leather upholstery Yes Yes Yes


      The Volvo V40 Cross Country was launched at Rs.28.5 Lakhs (Delhi Ex-Showroom) and is Volvo’s fifth car in India. This car brings the entry level lower but then sadly it is not the most lucrative deal monetarily as just a few weeks earlier, the A Class was launched at an amazing price followed the B-Class Diesel which has a 2.2L Diesel engine and was launched at Rs.22.60 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai).

      Being a Crossover, the V40 sits in both territories. The Faux claddings and rugged bash plates make it a strong looking car compared to the petite A Class. Even though it’s a beginners’ Volvo, it packs in as much as its elder siblings. The safety standards are extremely high compared to the others with the segment rivaling pedestrian airbags, City Safety and Park Assist.

      If turns and curves on a design attract you and you want to make a statement which is not loud but strong then the Volvo V40 Cross Country might just make it to your parking. The Sumptuously Elegant Scandinavian beauty is here to stay and for long.

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