Yamaha conducts Children Safety Program in two Gurgaon schools

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Children carry the biggest influential power in their hands and minds. This is why, Yamaha focused on teaching these kids to be safe on roads by using various methodologies, and the tips and tricks they needed to inculcate in their minds for a safe time.

“Yamaha Children Safety Program,” abbreviated as YCSP, has been formed by Yamaha in order to make the above-mentioned task fulfilled. Childhood is the base, and the stronger it is, stronger will be the building. So in order to teach the children about road safety, YCSP was held in two schools of Gurgaon with a total of more than 250 students participated and learnt these safety tips.

Yamaha conducts Children Safety Program in two Gurgaon schools | CarTrade.com
Yamaha conducts Children Safety Program in two Gurgaon schools

These tips were taught in an interactive manner, through various fun activities. Yamaha’s mascot, “Zippy”, also played his role in imparting knowledge to these children in an entertaining way. Zippy had an interaction session with the kids along with activities like dancing, etc.

Yamaha executives told that this event was organized as children in general are known to spread the word very easily. These kids talk to people and tell their family members, neighbors and relatives about what they have learnt, thus playing their part in creating awareness among the people. In fact, they will also remember what they learnt and will keep these things in mind when they or any of their family members goes to buy a vehicle in the coming time.

Yamaha organised this event only for the children in the age group of 5 to 12 years. Children play the role of a catalyst and spread the fire about the safety tips on the road in order to create maximum awareness among all the people.

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