Skodas five-year plan from year 2012 to 2016

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Skoda Auto is all set to unveil a host of new car models and some upgraded versions in the coming years in both the Indian and the global market. Skoda Auto, a car manufacturing unit from the Czech Republic and a completely owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, is one of the biggest International brands to enter the Indian automobile market. Skoda Auto has strategically planned to bring out new models to expand its base in India. The Indian automobile market is most likely to become the third largest market in the world.

New year 2012 will witness the launch of Skoda Superb with a reduced price. There will also be a few deductions in the luxury features due to the reduction in price. The latest Skoda Yeti Crossover will get a makeover; however, it is unsure if the revamped version will immediately become a part of the Indian market. The Octavia which was the first Skoda Auto model introduced way back in 2004 will be re-launched. Furthermore, the Octavia will be seen with a new look and it is expected that it will be positioned right after Skoda Laura. A revamped version of the Skoda Superb is most likely to grace the Indian automobile market in 2013.

Skodas five-year plan from year 2012 to 2016 |

The year 2014 is assumed to be more interesting with Skoda substituting the Fabia with an all-together newer model. The MOB platform is expected to find a place in the new Fabia. Besides this, the future models of Skoda like the upgraded Polo will also probably have the MOB platform. Skoda will also most likely uncover a multi purpose vehicle edition of the Skoda CitiGO that at the moment comes as a hatchback with three doors.

In 2015, the two models Superb Saloon and Yeti Crossover are going to be altered again. Both these models will be based on the MOB platform that Skoda shares with Volkswagen. 2016 will witness CitiGO hatchback and Rapid sedan undergo major changes. Yet again, the MOB platform will be a crucial part in the development of the latest versions. The CitiGO already has a wheelbase edition of the MOB platform; however, the Rapid is built upon the PQ platform. Thus, it will be interesting to see how many of the above mentioned plans of Skoda materialise in real.

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