Nissan plans to introduce motorsport racing arm NISMO in India

Monday 05 December 2011, 12:41 PM by Vikas Yogi

Just a few days after its Japanese counterpart Toyota shown interest in introducing its motorsport arm TRD in the Indian market, car make Nissan Motors has said that it is keen to launch its Nissan Motorsports International Co (NISMO) in the country. The move will be taking in a bid to capitalize on the gradually increasing number of motorsport lovers in the Indian auto market. The company has said that India will be considered when the company will look at foreign motorsports race and rally markets, as so far it is only present in its domestic market Japan.

Speaking to the reporters on Saturday, NISMO President Shoichi Miyatani said, "India is very important as a car market but I want to see how motorsports evolves in the future in India. I know F1 was conducted in India. So, probably motorsports activity is going to be more popular." He added that a process has started with the involvement of all kinds of regions and motorsports agencies not only in Japan, but globally. So, India is likely to come up in that kind of process."

Nissan plans to introduce motorsport racing arm NISMO in India |
Nissan Nismo

It is to be mentioned here that NISMO’s parent Nissan is aggressively expanding its operations in the Indian auto market. The company already has a portfolio of five models including hatchback Nissan Micra, sedan Nissan Sunny and Teana, SUV Nissan X-trail, and luxury sports car Nissan 370Z.

Meanwhile, Nissan’s arch rival Toyota has already announced that it is looking forward to introduce its motorsports racing arm TRD (Toyota Racing Development) in the Indian market

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