Nissan launches Venucia and unveils Leaf alike all electric car in China

Saturday 28 April 2012, 09:39 AM by

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (Dongfeng Nissan), a strategic partnership between the Japanese multinational automotive giant Nissan and China's car maker Dongfeng Motor Corporation, launched the all new Venucia D50 saloon. The car has been already showcased at Beijing Motor Show 2012.

It has been named after Venus, the Roman goddess symbolising love and beauty. The five stars in the logo of Dongfeng Nissan symbolise Company's five major promises, do the best, respect customers, create value, achieve world-class quality and seek the dream.

Dongfeng thinks that the1.6 litre gas engine of Venucia D50 will increase its rating in the international market. At the Dongfeng's plant in Zhengzhou, the car will be manufactured. More than 100 authorised dealerships of this company would be responsible for delivering this model.

As per company reports, the new Venucia D50 saloon will be available for a starting price of RMB 67,800, which will go up to RMB 83,000. Nissan and Dongfeng are both quite excited for the new car and are expecting to touch the sales target of 1 million unit in the next 5 years, by selling 3,00,000 units annually. The company promises to update the car and add new features to the future models, which would be rolled out every year.

Nissan also revealed its Leaf e-concept along with the D50 model. Under the Venucia brand, it will be manufactured in China. Ren Yong, deputy managing director of Dongfeng Nissan quoted, “The launch of new D50 is a new start for us.” The company plans to roll out 5 new models and increase the number of its outlets to 250 by 2015.

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (Dongfeng Nissan) is based in Zhengzhou and is involved in operations such as research and development, production and supply of the passenger vehicles.

The second largest Hong Kong based Japanese car-maker Nissan Motor Corp owns the Nissan Global Company Limited (NGL). Established in 2012, NGL is responsible for market research, product planning, marketing and communications for Nissan in Asia. The establishment of NGL is important considering the geographical benefits of Hong Kong. It will help in the success of Nissan's corporate mid-term business plan, the Nissan Power 88.

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