Maruti Suzuki completes three decades of customer satisfaction

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It takes a lot out of any car maker to become the number one in a particular region, let alone an entire country. Hard work, timing, determination, adjustment, vision, strategic planning, brand building and delivering quality are critical factors that form the core of a company's success. The Indian automobile industry, although quite old, has really progressed in the past few decades and one firm embodies this better than any other.

Maruti Suzuki completes three decades of customer satisfaction |
Maruti Suzuki completes three decades of customer satisfaction

Needless to say, that auto maker is Maruti Suzuki, currently India's largest passenger car manufacturer and by a long distance, the undisputed number one brand. Recently, the Suzuki owned entity completed thirty years of production, which is quite an amazing feat. Arguably, there is no other company in the history of Indian car market, which has kept its customers extremely happy for such a long time. If statistics are not enough then a nationwide survey would reveal the kind of connection Maruti Suzuki has with Indian people, a level that is unprecedented.

The history of Maruti Suzuki's operations in India is highly eventful and is celebrated by people across the country in different ways. December of 1983 will always be a special month for the firm as the keys of first M800 were handed over by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Harpal Singh, who got his name registered in the folklore of Maruti Suzuki. Since then on, this firm has never looked back, dominating the Indian market consistently by producing highly successful products.

Many experts, over the years, have tried to comprehensively analyse and breakdown the performance of Maruti Suzuki, which is quite astonishing and compelling. Such has been the trust created that despite being a foreign firm (technically), it is considered as an Indian entity. Right from the start, Maruti Suzuki has manufactured cars that have struck an instant chord with customers in the country. In fact, the most iconic model of all time, M800, is a car from this manufacturer and in a lot ways summarises the position it holds in India.

First and foremost, Maruti Suzuki is an expert at making superb hatchbacks and has a diverse line-up of the same. At a really early stage, according to experts, the firm was able to map the kind of demand pattern that will prevail in India for years to come. Be it M800, Zen or the Alto 800, all vehicles from this company have suited Indian buyers perfectly. Analysts believe that the firm has stood up to expectations of customers, catering to all aspects, which a potential buyer in India looks at.

Although the firm excels in all dimensions, the two most important factors are where it has really connected with people. Fuel-economy and price are things that affect a purchase decision more than anything else and cars from Maruti Suzuki are right up there when accounting these factors. Another thing that India's number one brand has done brilliantly is creating a fantastic after-sales service network. No matter where a person goes in India, he/she, more or less, is likely to find a Maruti Suzuki service station, even in the remotest of areas. One key aspect that is overlooked by many is the kind of competition Maruti Suzuki has faced. Be it Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra & Mahindra or Tata Motors, no firm has been able to even come close.

To put things in a nutshell, Maruti Suzuki is a top brand that has an emotional connection with people in India. The prowess of this company transcends statistics, reports, sales and advertisements. For many people in present day India, who are currently owners of a Mercedes-Benz or even a Rolls-Royce, their Maruti 800 will always remain the favourite. Also, Maruti Suzuki has truly lived up to its core values of Customer Obsession, Fast, Flexible & First Mover, Innovation & Creativity, Networking & Partnership and Openness & Learning.

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