Let Your Car Tweet for You : Cars on Twitter

Thursday 22 July 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Ford had introduced a Bluetooth control feature in its small car model this year which was new to quite a few but the latest developments in the international car market are even more impressive. Ford has now developed yet another striking intelligent application that sends tweets on its own. The new software is called as “Auto”matic Blog that enables a car to tweet.

For all those who still do not know Twitter, it is a social networking website where you can post your small messages and even your pictures. The recent application developed by Ford engineers has been installed in Ford AJ and tweets while on the move. “It’s getting pretty dark; time to put the headlights on,” was an example status message when the car was being driven from Ann Arbor, Michigan , to San Mateo, California, to participate in the Maker Faire in the US.

The application gathers telemetry information like location, speed, acceleration and braking. The information is also sent across from windshield wipers, steering controls and GPS control apart from inputs from the Web about weather, etc. It can also collect information from real-time traffic congestion including start-stop and braking. This means it can send messages on its own stating something like “Stuck in traffic; not looking forward to the next 50 miles, either.”

Ford is innovative in using latest technology in its cars all over the world. It is also testing integrating smart phone applications in its cars which will be available in its models from next year which means customers will be able to sync their smart phones with their cars. This way the third-party applications will be able to control car applications like audio system, buttons on steering wheels, etc.

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