Lawyers In US Ask for Toyota Internal Document

Saturday 29 May 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Toyota Motors Corp is facing thousands of class-action lawsuits and several personal injury law suits in the Californian US Federal Court. Lawyers and class-action attorneys in the US are asking for the internal document submitted by Toyota to the US Congress. Toyota had submitted an internal document of about 125,000 pages during US Congressional hearing. The document still remains highly classified and unavailable to the US citizens and lawyers.

Lawyers argue that if the document is made available, it will be beneficial to the plaintiff to substantiate their plea for product defect, negligence or even fraud. Many consumers in the US have filed class-action lawsuit against Toyota as the resale value of Toyota cars depreciated owing to the negligence and product defect in their cars. US consumers are seeking Toyota to pay the penalty for their loss due to depreciation in their car values as well.

Toyota has recently recalled nearly 35,000 Lexus models worldwide of which approximately 3800 models were from the US market alone. Toyota has claimed that these models have been recalled only as a precautionary measure and no accidents or loss of life has been reported so far.

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