Indigo Manza Elan's spec details are out

Tuesday 01 February 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

The specifications of the new Indigo Manza Elan, said to be an upgraded and sophisticated version of the Tata Indigo Manza, are out on the net. The Manza, which has been already doing good in the market, will now come in a new version which will carry more rich features and will project an upgraded look, thus giving a better, safer and smoother vehicle to drive. The car will be promoted as ‘Indigo Manza Elan’ not eliminating the name ‘Indigo’, which had been rumored in the market earlier.

Indigo Manza Elan

 Tata Manza Elan 43Tata Manza Elan 42Tata Manza Elan 41Tata Manza Elan 40
Tata Manza Elan 39Tata Manza Elan 35Tata Manza Elan 38Tata Manza Elan 36Tata Manza Elan 37
Tata Manza Elan 30Tata Manza Elan 34Tata Manza Elan 33Tata Manza Elan 27Tata Manza Elan 32
Tata Manza Elan 31Tata Manza Elan 25Tata Manza Elan 28Tata Manza Elan 29Tata Manza Elan 26
Tata Manza Elan 24Tata Manza Elan 23Tata Manza Elan 22Tata Manza Elan 19Tata Manza Elan 18
Tata Manza Elan 21Tata Manza Elan 20Tata Manza Elan 17Tata Manza Elan 16Tata Manza Elan 12
Tata Manza Elan 11Tata Manza Elan 15Tata Manza Elan 13Tata Manza Elan 10Tata Manza Elan 08
Tata Manza Elan 07Tata Manza Elan 01Tata Manza Elan 05Tata Manza Elan 09Tata Manza Elan 04
Tata Manza Elan 03Tata Manza Elan 06Tata Manza Elan 02

The coming Indigo Manza Elan has got a few changes over Tata Indigo Manza like smaller Indigo badge, standard alloy wheels, chromed front fog lamps, dual tone interior, sophisticated seat fabric, but mechanically it has been kept all same.

The car is expected to be out carrying two engine options, out of which one is the similar 1.3 L QJD, used in the previous version, while the other is the 1.4 L Safire 90 engine that churns out 90 PS @ 4000 rpm at peak torque of 200 Nm and has got the potential to accelerate to 60 KMPH just in 5.83 seconds.

As far as safety is concerned, Tata has made it a super safe car accessorizing it with the latest features like ABS (Anti-Braking System), EBD (Electronic Braking Distribution), Front SRS air bags and various others.

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