Ford EcoSport is the only vehicle to sport the 'Urban SUV' tag

Saturday 12 October 2013, 11:57 AM by

Since the introduction of Ford EcoSport in the Indian auto market, the fortunes of America-based car maker, Ford have significantly changed. The latest offering of the company in the country has build upon a large customer base in the compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. With the booking figures reaching a new high for Ford, EcoSport has found the attention of urban masses owing to its bold exteriors and powerful engine. While promoting its vehicle, the auto maker very much knew about the target audience at which EcoSport was aimed at. This was reflected from the fact that Ford had coined the term Urban SUV for EcoSport. In order to assess the reasons for giving EcoSport a tag of Urban SUV, an analysis is as follows.

Ford EcoSport is the only vehicle to sport the
Ford EcoSport is the only vehicle to sport the 'Urban SUV' tag

Sports Utility Vehicles are well known for their off-roading skills and likewise Ford EcoSport too carries such characteristics. The company has efficiently managed to give a higher ground clearance to its compact SUV. Like other same segment models, the ground clearance of EcoSport stands at 200 mm. This makes it easier for the driver to tackle potholes, dumps or uneven surfaces. Also, the car boasts of a 550 mm water wading height, which makes it easier to traverse in difficult conditions.

With compact dimensions that are 3999 mm in length, 1765 mm in width and 1708 mm height, one can easily ride through tight corners and park on tight spots, thereby making EcoSport a perfect choice. The designers at Ford have purposely structured the car, keeping in mind about the landscape of cities, which makes it easier to get around in any crowded part. Ford EcoSport also gets a hill launch assist feature that prevents the car from going downwards on a steep road. This mechanism holds the brake for few seconds once the driver takes his foot off from the brake pedal, which in turn gives him enough time to quickly accelerate away. It must be noted that hill launch assist function is only offered in the automatic variant of EcoSport.

In order to offer a better visibility of roads, Ford has given higher seating posture in EcoSport. Unlike the conventional models of Ford, the passenger seats of EcoSport are significantly placed higher, thereby giving all SUV type feel. Designed to offer ease, the rear seats of EcoSport can be folded in a proportion of 60:40, resulting in an increase boot space of 705 litres. Keeping in mind about the busy city life, Ford has given the SYNC feature in EcoSport that reads text messages with the help of speakers. So to ensure that one fully concentrates on road, SYNC does all the work that also include replying from a preset list of text responses. Furthermore, the SYNC feature helps in streaming music right from the phone to the car's speakers. Besides from playing favourite tracks, one can pair the phone's Bluetooth with that of car to call someone right from the infotainment screen of EcoSport.

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