Falcon series to revamp Tata Indica's brand image

Tuesday 31 December 2013, 10:54 AM by

Indica is a compact hatchback produced by Tata Motors since 1998. Notably, it is considered as the country's first indigenously developed passenger car. As a hatchback, people have gladly accepted Indica. With competition getting stiffer by each passing day, the auto manufacturer looks keen to revamp Indica's brand image among the Indian audience.

Today, there are number of companies that operate in India. Thus, it is quite obvious that there is no respite for laggards, especially in the market where things change dynamically as customers look for real charm in their vehicles. New models are welcomed warm heartedly while uplift versions get a round of applause. So, probably this is the right time for Tata Motors to react to this demand-of-change by improving the current generation model of Indica.

Falcon series to revamp Tata Indica
Falcon series to revamp Tata Indica's brand image

Quite recently, the auto company introduced Indica emax in the Indian passenger car market, in order to improve its sales. Some key characteristics of this model are eco-friendly, economical (low on maintenance), efficient (low on fuel consumption) and class leading comfort. Tata Motors has undertaken the much needed 'Project Falcon' as a way to chip in vehicles that not only are high on performance & efficiency, but also look appealing. The idea is to get more domestic attention by introducing some inspiring models. Interestingly, the project was also undertaken to get over the notion that the auto company does not bring in major facelifts on a frequent basis.

Industry experts are of a view that dynamism of the Indian market has to be understood and catered to for thriving and Tata Motors has complied well-in-time to it through its unique initiative, Project Falcon. There are rife speculations in the market that vehicles, to be rolled out as a part 'Project Falcon' initiative, will replace existing products. The models under Falcon series will be unveiled by the auto company at the appropriate time. According to the information available from different sources, the sequence will being from Auto Expo 2014.

If experts are to be believed, there is every possibility of the company showing a new product that will replace the current generation Indica. It is also being predicted that this all new product is going to be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014. While the latter part of this story sounds partially true as the company has confirmed that it is going to introduce falcon vehicles in the upcoming motor show, the other part has a twist. Company officials have informed that the new products under 'Project Falcon' are completely different models, with a new design and platform. Also, the company has not hinted that whether it is going to stop the production of Indica in the country, which means that customers can hold their breaths to see the all new falcon hatchback being available alongside the existing Indica model.

What's going to be the future of falcon series, only time will tell. But, one thing is sure, with Tata Motors' tremendous market experience, car aficionados can only think of something exciting and appealing to ride. For the rest of speculations around Indica, one just has to choose more wait until happenings disclose hidden facts. Here, one thing is for sure that the auto company will try to make Falcon series highly perky and performance oriented. Having said that, revamping the Indica brand image must be a crucial aspect for Tata Motors too and why not so?. The vehicle has been around since 1998, which is evidently a remarkable achievement for any vehicle to run that far.

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