Factors to be considered while choosing between petrol or diesel car

Friday 28 November 2014, 11:48 AM by

Buying car might have become easier in India with the advent of cheaper models and finance options but choosing which one to purchase has become harder than ever. The million dollar question faced by every potential car buyer is whether to a buy a petrol car or a diesel one. This would not have been as a difficult a choice for diesel car buyers a couple of years ago but call it the government’s fault, inflation or rise in international crude oil prices, the difference between the two is minimal now. Thereby, all new car buyers have to be careful, thoughtful and considerate while choosing the right model.

The first factor that should be taken into consideration while choosing the fuel type of a car is the proposed utility. It is really important for the buyer to justify the purchase of certain type with reasons. For instance, if one has to travel for short distances in a city, going from office to home and other such destinations, taking a petrol car makes perfect sense. On other hand, if someone has to travel for long distances on a regular basis, buying a petrol car makes more sense.

While proposed utility should be the logical first factor, in India, pricing trumps everything and is often the deal breaker. One should be careful about the budget he/she has at hand and then make a calculated choice. Petrol cars are generally cheaper than diesel models, which is why, in lower segments, people tend to buy more of the former.

Apart from the actual pricing of the car, the cost involved in running it is highly important for potential customers and should play an important role in influencing the decision. A diesel car is likely to cost more but will give a better mileage. However, the cost of running a diesel model is not low, something that buyers need to calculate.

Personal choice is a big factor if affordability is kept aside while buying a car. A person who likes to drive a car that has an excellent pickup, does not make much noise and is easy to manoeuvre is likely to buy a petrol car. While someone who likes driving a car that offers more torque and would do well on longer routes will go for diesel. Durability is also important and diesel cars are less durable than petrol ones. However, as each day progresses, newer technologies are being introduced, which make engines better. Thereby, diesel cars have become really reliable these days. The decision is always tricky but if all parameters stated above are carefully considered, making a choice is not that difficult.

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