Caterham working on a conventional sports car

Caterham working on a conventional sports car
author image Bilal Firfiray
Friday 30 December 2016, 21:59 PM

Caterham wants to develop a ‘conventional’ sports car. This sports car will add to the British carmaker’s line-up joining the Seven which will turn 60 in 2017.

However, to develop a proper sportscar, Caterham requires a partnership with another manufacturer. This joint venture will enable the British carmaker to build a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, full-bodied sports car. The new conventional sports car will be reminiscent of the C120 concept. This project was created along with British design firm Drive and Renault-owned Alpine back in the year 2014. The C120 Concept shared many similarities with the Alpine Vision concept, but this joint venture, unfortunately, fell apart. But Caterham wishes they would love to pick up the same plans again in the right circumstances.

The sports car will be powered by the engine sourced from the partnered company. A naturally-aspirated engine is the requirement of Caterham. They don’t intend to just stick a roof and doors on a Seven but will have more ease of access and more creature comforts on the inside. Caterham wants to build a sports car in order to broaden the appeal as a carmaker, since the Seven when introduced to new emerging markets, isn’t recognised as a car because of the way it looks. This won’t be the first time Caterham will build a conventional sports car, since back in the 90’s they made a limited-run Caterham 21.

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